Wimbledon: Anna Wintour Picks Nose For ESPN

It should be no surprise to see the mummified high priestess of fashion Anna Wintour in Serena Williams’ spectator box on Monday.

But ESPN’s national viewing audience got creeped out when Wintour was caught in a full, deep nose pick, then a wipe on her own shoulder while the cameras were ostensibly focused on Williams’ coach Patrick Mouratoglu. This was during the first set between Williams and Kuznetsova.

Wintour is notorious for protecting her image and for crushing those in her employ who fail to do so. As editor of Vogue and head honcho of Conde’ Nast Publishing she is essentially The Masthead of All That Is High Fashion.

We were delighted to see the long-mummified Wintour exposed on national television picking the dust particles out of her prickly little breathing portholes.

We weren’t sure…but we thought we saw bits of papyrus fall out…


Knowing the power and reach of Wintour, she will no doubt next be seen on the tarmac of an airport somewhere amidst private jets having a meeting with ESPN heads to delete said footage.

Or having her good friend Bill Clinton do something like that.


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