More Brian Williams Idiocy: “Police Shootings Disrupt American’s Holiday-making!”

Nothing is more dangerous on MSNBC than turning Brian Williams loose during ANY major news event.

On Sunday during the MSNBC coverage of 3 Baton Rouge policemen being shot dead Brian Williams went on another one of his all-time brain-dead ramblings during which he claimed, loosely, that this summer’s tragic events in Dallas, Nice and now Baton Rouge have disrupted what are American’s God-given right to celebrate their holiday’s uninterrupted by events such as these tragedies.

Yes, Brian Williams said the massacre in Orlando, the massacre in Nice, France, the murders of police officers across the United States…are destroying the summer holidays of ALL AMERICANS.

That is the biggest take of Brian Williams of MSNBC news.

MSNBC and their ownership, NBCUniversal have chosen to spit in the face of journalism and America.

Allowing Brian Williams to return to MSNBC after their own network investigation proved Williams lied over and over on network TV over factual events he reported show that MSNBC and NBCUniversal don’t care about journalism or America.


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