Melania Trump Quotes “The Enemy” – Obama

Can anything be worse than using your enemies words as your own?

That’s what happened with the Trumps Monday night during the US Republican Convention when Melania Trump had a speech to give but used – word for word – quotes that Michelle Obama had used in her speech to Democrats in 2008.

What made it worse was Mrs. Trump was using the stolen words as statements of personal values she and her reprehensible husband Donald Trump supposedly hold dear.

Donald Trump has been lying throughout this campaign so it should be no surprise that the speechwriters he hired for his wife’s most important appearance before the American public should steal the words and thoughts and statements from the Obamas.

Plagiarism is the theft of written material.

It is no surprise that Trump’s campaign has denied and denied that there is even any plagiarism. Major news outlets have the Melania/Michelle speeches side-by-side making it clear Mrs. Trump’s words are theft.

How can reasonable voters believe that once in the presidential office that Donald Trump can be trusted with the most menial of tasks?

Well, that’s why it’s only the unreasonable, delusional voters who are totally behind the juvenile-like wombat Donald Trump.


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