Texas A&M Football “Chalktalk For Women” Includes Powerpoint Presentation Exclaiming “Bang Him Hard!”

You can’t make these things up.

The Texas A&M Football Program had 700 women pay $70 a person for their annual “Chalktalk For Women” promotion this past week. Everything went great for Head Coach Kevin Sumlin. Until after the event when word got out to the press how 2 of his assistant coaches gave a hoary Powerpoint presentation during the event with such crass exhortations as “SPREAD THEM AGAIN,” “GET ERECT” and “BANG HIM HARD.”

Did we mention there were kids at this event?

A&M got down & dirty — and crude & sexist — at football clinic for women


Would you be surprised that one of those assistant coaches, Jim Turner, a grown man, had been fired years ago from the Miami Dolphins for his role in the poisonous gay-bashing locker room events from that NFL franchise that took down numerous players and coaches?

Is this just a football thing?

Should we be surprised that Baylor, also in the SEC like Texas A&M, fired its university president and head coach because the football program contributed to multiple rapes on their campus?

Of course, Baylor KEPT all their assistant coaches. Even though they were all there during all events surrounding the football rapes and cover-ups.


It IS a football thing.


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