Melania Trump – Like Husband – Has Trouble With Truth, Takes Down Her Website

After Melania Trump’s much-ballyhooed and botched RNC speech in which she was not only caught lying to NBC beforehand about writing it herself, then stealing Michelle Obama’s words and personal values and using them as her own, she has now been forced to take down her personal website which has long purported that she earned a university degree.

Long ago reporters had contacted the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia and confirmed that Melania Trump had dropped out after one year of lackluster performance to hit the fashion runways of Milan before becoming the THIRD wife of Donald Trump.

(Yes, Trump is the prototypical “Trade-in your old wife for the newer model” billionaire.)

Melania has since touted herself as a role model for immigrants.

As if every Third World economic refugee can marry a delusional despot billionaire wanna-be US President…


No one really cares if Melania Trump ever earned a BA. But isn’t it just like a Trump to bolster your resume by throwing another lie on the pile, then try to cover it up by taking down the website under a dubious explanation after you’ve been caught?



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