“Globe Trekker TV:” We Love Ian Wright!

For anyone needing a vicarious trip to locations around the world the “Globe Trekker” TV series has been the reliable place to go for decades. Globe Trekker started years ago giving viewers a realistic, foot-on-the-ground experience for the youthful, backpack oriented crowd.

In recent years GT has regretfully fallen prey to its choice of inexperienced hosts who leave viewers feeling as if they’re being led on a tour by attention-deficit afflicted grade-schoolers whose comments were akin to “Wow!” or “Gosh!”

We could reference the particularly woeful host who spent an entire hour long shipboard episode rounding Cape Horn whinging and puking and complaining  of having to do chores while on the small ship.

Well, thank goodness! Old GT travelhand Ian Wright is back on the road and righting the course for the venerable television series.

Not only Wright, but host Judith Jones has added a bright, intelligent flavor to GT with her episodes.

Now, if GT would only get rid of such self-serving losers as Bobby Chinn…


PS: Globe Trekker used to be associated with Lonely Planet, probably the best travel guide company doing business around. This isn’t a promotion, it’s just a good suggestion. If you need to know about a destination, Lonely Planet is the resource you need.



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