NFL Screws Up Again, Has To Cancel Season Opening Hall Of Fame Game Over Turf Issue

How incompetent is the NFL?

Well, we know they can’t get their drug-testing straightened out.

And we also know they let their players routinely beat, batter and sometimes murder their partners and spouses.

Now the NFL can’t even paint their football fields correctly for their nationally broadcast season opening Hall of Fame game that was to be broadcast Sunday night on ESPN. So, because of some field paint that apparently dried as hard as cement, making the field too dangerous to risk injury for highly paid NFL talent, the game was canceled.

How rinky dink is this $13 Billion league?

ESPN had to interview someone to fill airspace for Sunday night. Oops! Who popped up but the criminally and substance-abuse challenged Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay!

Irsay, greasy, face beet-red and bobbing around on camera, rambled on and on, “representing” the NFL in all its glory.

It was just 2 years ago that Irsay was busted by Indy police driving aimlessly around in his expensive car with countless bottles of prescription drugs and – get this – a laundry bag full of $29,000 in cash. Irsay supposedly couldn’t find his own house. Later, his mistress OD’d in a house purchased with Indianapolis Colts money.

THIS is the face of the NFL.


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