If Trump Can’t Run A Failing Campaign, What Makes You Think He Can Run The USA?

Over lunch yesterday a businessman friend of mine asked “So what do you think of all this Trump stuff?”

Well, I responded:

Trump raised nearly $90 million in one month from his cadre of hard-core believers, about as much as Hillary Clinton. Yet while all polls show Trump far behind in nearly all polls his campaign spent exactly ZERO dollars on television advertising purchases compared to $48 million spent by the Clinton campaign.

That’s right. Trump isn’t spending ANY money on TV ads. No one knows what’s he’s doing with his campaign funds. That’s why the Rebublican National Committee members are seriously considering pulling out all funding from Trump. Why raise money for your candidate when he clearly just wants to sock it away to spend it on himself after he loses the election – which is entirely legal.


Also, I added:

Trump fired his (recently hired) campaign chief Paul Manafort and replaced him with the CEO of a fringe, right-wing website that caters to scared white men with very weird conspiracy theory stories.

Oh, and why did Trump get rid of Manafort? Because Manafort failed to register as a foreign agent while working for a presidential candidate, being paid $Millions as he did for Russia’s favorite former Ukrainian strongman.

(Yes, people complain about Hillary’s pay-to-play but Trump hiring Manafort shows a mental density equivalent to letting the Chinese Navy guard Pearl Harbor.)

Manafort denied and denied he was paid but his Washington, DC lobbying firm is filled to its ceiling with Russian rubles. The facts are just now coming out in documents and financial filings from the Ukraine.

No wonder Donald has so many wonderful things to say about Russia’s madman Vladimir Putin while Putin’s bombers are dropping napalm on women and children in Syria while cosying up to Iran.


As a businessman you are deemed to have the judgment to surround yourself with the Best and Brightest.

As a businessman you have a business plan. You stick to the plan. Rarely – almost NEVER – do you do a 180 degree turnaround. Especially day after day, week after week.

In this presidential campaign Trump has hired and fired too many lackluster talents with no political experience.

In this campaign Trump has fired off blasphemous, outrageous statements, only later to reverse himself, sometimes saying he was only being “sarcastic.”

Donald Trump calls himself a businessman.

If this is business, what the hell do you think he’s going to do as President of the United States of America?


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