Now Trump’s THIRD Campaign Manager Has Integrity Issues – And You Think This Wonk Can Run The USA?

How is it that Donald Trump has repeatedly trumpeted his great skill to pick the “best” talent, yet he can’t even choose a presidential campaign manager who doesn’t have a scandalous if not criminal background?

In a third-time’s-gotta-be-a-charm try for a campaign manager Trump and his strange inner cadre of  dog whisperers picked weird conspiracy-theory propagandist Steve Bannon to head the most important job of Donald Trump’s life.

Too bad they didn’t have a clue who they were hiring:

Not only was Bannon charged in LA with beating and choking his ex-wife back in 1997, but he’s been illegally registered as a voter in Florida. And this after Trump has been charging over and over that cheating in elections is rampant and a major problem in the US (no, it isn’t).

Well, The Donald must have gotten this conspiracy straight from his campaign manager’s mouth who seems to have had firsthand experience with his own cheating at the voting booth.

Bannon only recently took leave as head of whack-website Breitbart and their conspiracy theory pushing writers. Now we know where he got all his ideas: From his own personal experiences.


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