People Die: NFL QB Kaepernick Chooses To Sit

When Rosa Parks chose to keep her seat rather than give it up to a white man on that bus seat in 1955 there were real implications: She was abused and arrested and jailed.

Here we are in 2016 and San Francisco 49er’s quarterback Colin Kaepernick has suddenly caused a stir for refusing to stand during the playing of the US’s national anthem.

We’re not yet sure what to think about this situation.

Kaepernick – who all should be reminded signed a $116 Million(!) NFL contract just 2 years ago – isn’t exactly your average sidewalk protester waving a cardboard sign at passing cars.

But beyond his stated purpose of “starting a conversation,” what exactly does this gold-plated guy have to lose by simply sitting on his ass at the start of a cynically violent NFL game played out more and more for sponsor’s dollars than for fan’s attention?

Other NFL players have come out screaming about Kaepernick’s supposed anti-Americanism, anti-military and other anti-things that NFL players who’ve been concussed into idiocy could come up with.

(We haven’t forgotten about the scandal last year that found the US military paying the NFL $Millions for their supposedly patriotic flag unfolding charades before games – No, it wasn’t any “tribute.” It was the US Military paid advertising straight to the NFL while 1000’s of former military members – veterans – back here in the states can’t get basic health benefits at their VA centers because of under-funding.)


Maybe Kaepernick can start sitting down for other causes, too. Like veterans.

Or former NFL players who can’t afford treatment for dementia caused from too many concussions after playing football.

Or all the abused and beaten spouses/partners of his fellow NFL players? (NY Giants Josh Brown being just the most recent beater.)

Gosh. If other NFL players began sitting for all the women beaten up by their fellow players…there wouldn’t be ANYONE standing during that national anthem.

Now THAT’S a conversation NO NFL player wants to have.


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