Yes, US Olympic Athletes Got Waivers For Banned Drugs – It’s A Double Standard

That Russian hacker leak from WADA revealed medical documents from lots of athletes.

And it seems such esteemed news outlets like The New York Times are refusing to repeat any of that leaked information.

If this was Watergate do you think the NYT’s would be so shy and timid?

Apparently, the editors at the NYT’s are coloring the whole event as a spat of naughty hackers rather than a legitimate issue of whether WADA has created a double standard where Russian athletes are crushed for violations yet American stars are shielded with supposed “doctors notes” that allow them to use amphetamines (Simon Biles) and steroids (the Williams’ sisters).


Multiple Gold medalist Biles was given a waiver and allowed to use Ritalin for years for a supposed ADHD condition. Sure, people have ADHD. But Ritalin is speed, and it is one of the widest abused drugs in professional sports. The bottom line is: Ritalin improves athletic performance. That’s why it is banned.


Both Williams’ sisters had multi-year waivers for, among other drugs, prednisone, a steroid. No, it is not an anabolic steroid. It is a corticosteroid. But it is performance-enhancing and it is still banned.


So, maybe the Russians do have a point. Sure they cheated the bejeezus on a monstrous level. But does that mean other countries like the USA get to “game” the system allowing their athletes to ingest all sorts of banned drugs under the cover of flimsy doctor’s notes?

Really, whose doctors are you going to start trusting when it looks like everyone is cheating?


US Open: We Love Gael Monfils! The Zen Poet Of Tennis!

The tennis world is in a self-righteous outrage over France’s Gael Monfils. It seems the gatekeepers like John McEnroe and others didn’t care for Monfils performance in his semi-final loss against Novak Djokovich in which at times Monfils stood flat-footed for Novak’s serves. The New York US Open crowd – notoriously the worst tennis-worthy crowds in the Grand Slams – heartily booed disapprovingly.

Tsk, tsk.

For anyone who has followed Monfils in his long, colorful career we can only say, What did you expect? He’s the genius of the unexpected. He was getting trounced by the powerful Djokovich and so Gael went Zen. He decided to get inside Djok’s head. It worked. It worked enough to get Novak frustrated enough to rip his shirt on court as if he was the Incredible Hulk. It worked enough that Gael won the 3rd set. It just wasn’t enough to win the match.


We find it laughable that those who pretend to speak for the game of tennis condemn someone like Gael Monfils who has toiled in the middle ranks for well over a decade entertaining and thrilling crowds all over the world.

We find it equally laughable that a USTA player as personally reprehensible as Nick Kyrgios of Australia is promoted in tennis so wildly that he is featured on the cover of the New York Times Magazine, yet his own country of Australia finds him so demeaning that their Olympic Committee refused to allow Kyrgios to represent them in this past Summer Olympics.

That is the world of tennis. Where the Powers That Be try to crush Free Spirits like Gael Monfils.

And, also, where everyone forgets it was just in 2009 at the US Open when “the greatest tennis player in the world(sic)” threatened a small lineswoman with “I’ll F**cking take the ball and shove it down your f**cking throat!”

“The greatest?”

In the karmic terms we measure greatness, that’s laughable.


The Bloom Is Off Charlie Rose

The bloom is off Charlie Rose.

He’s grown too lazy as a journalist and is in danger of becoming another Brian Williams-like embarrassment to real newsmen.

When he presents guests like adenoidal Ian Bremmer, a supposed international expert who instead is a paid hack for international business interests, and lets him go on like a junior George Clooney wannabe then we have to question Charlie’s ability to screen guests.

While every news pundit in the USA jumps all over Donald Trump for his hero-worshiping of Russian despot Vladimir Putin, it is worth noting that it was less than 1 year ago that Charlie Rose famously interviewed Putin and was left looking like a wimpering suck-up, never challenging Putin on any substantive level. We were left thinking that the only possible explanation was that – like Donald Trump – Charlie Rose was being so nice to Putin because he was looking for business deals after the interview was over.


Charlie Rose has become a Status Quo man.

It became evident in his combative interviews with candidate Bernie Sanders while Rose was chummy and softball friendly with his pal Hillary Clinton.

The last thing we want in this country is status quo. We need journalists who ask the hard, salient, relevant questions – then follow up those questions when guests lie or obfuscate or twist in the wind.

That’s important to remember when Chris Wallace of Fox News – just named as one of the ¬†Presidential Candidate debate moderators – stated that it wasn’t his job to “be a fact checker” in the debates.

Well if Chris Wallace can’t even tell a fact from a lie in a presidential debate, how the hell did he get put in one of the most important jobs in this 2016 election?

Facebook’s Zuckerberg “Likes” Napalm Attacks – Doesn’t Want World Exposed To Truth Of Their Horrors

In 1972 during the atrocious US napalm bombings of Vietnam there was an iconic photo taken and later published around the world of a Vietnamese girl fleeing naked from a napalm attack.

The photo was published on the front page of the New York Times in 1972 and was named World Press Photo of the Year for 1972. It was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Journalism. Kim Phuc, the victim, is still alive and is now a citizen of Canada. Her story is a brave and remarkable one.


When a Norwegian newspaper published a story about iconic war imagery – including the picture of Kim Phuc – Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook corporation threatened and then deleted the journalists account.¬†

Zuckerberg and Facebook, who want to be All Things To All The World, have taken the dirty curbside vision perspective that the napalm photo of Kim Phuc is offensive to the world in ways that only Zuckerberg and Facebook can determine and therefore cannot be sent over their monstrously Orwellian social website.

Zuckerberg’s motivations cannot even be guessed at, but they eventually, always end at one point: Profits. And the motive not to offend massive profit-centered, censorship-heavy markets like Communist China.


We hear Donald Trump and Roger Ailes are planning their own bizarro news network after the 2016 election.

Mark Zuckerberg has already crafted his own twisted vision of the world with Facebook where “social interaction” is another term for squeezing money from suckers.

Zuckerberg’s company was recently punished in India for their scheme in supposedly giving “free access” to the internet but the Indian government found it was tied into Facebook advertising. That’s called Bait and Switch.

Nothing is as it seems in Zuckerberg’s Crafted World View. ¬†It’s as old as William Randolf Hearst and the Spanish-American War. (Look it up.)

But you’d think consumers would have gotten the joke by now.

US Open: Give Us Announcer Mute Option During Broadcasts

Innovations drive corporate profits. It’s a given. During last year’s NCCA basketball broadcasts viewers were given the option to watch gamecasts with announcers from their home teams and it was wildly popular.

Just as in this miserable 2016 election year when we’ve had to listen to woefully inadequate media moderators, why should sports fans have to listen to the ignorant and ill-informed opinions of poorly chosen sports announcers?

Give sports fans the choice of simply watching the broadcast with only the athletes and ambient fan sound.

We’ve had enough already of this year’s US Open coverage and the dribbling childish rants of Brad Gilbert and others on ESPN that only detract from the enjoyment of a good tennis match. If you don’t want to hear one of the ever-present McEnroe brothers how about the option of just doing without?

And using the mute button is not an option if you want to hear the players, the fans’ reactions, the “smack!” of the racket making hard contact with the ball.

No, it’s time to give TV viewers a different, better option, and one that acknowledges choice. Because as viewers we are paying for this service and we deserve the choice of how we view these events – not to have the broadcasters shove them down our throats as they want us to consume them.

Some overseas Olympic broadcasters gave their viewers the option of watching events without obnoxious NBC commentators. Many stated how the beauty of competition was augmented without the obtrusive interjections of paid sports promoters.

It’s time for a change.

And it’s time for consumers to be in charge.