US Open: Give Us Announcer Mute Option During Broadcasts

Innovations drive corporate profits. It’s a given. During last year’s NCCA basketball broadcasts viewers were given the option to watch gamecasts with announcers from their home teams and it was wildly popular.

Just as in this miserable 2016 election year when we’ve had to listen to woefully inadequate media moderators, why should sports fans have to listen to the ignorant and ill-informed opinions of poorly chosen sports announcers?

Give sports fans the choice of simply watching the broadcast with only the athletes and ambient fan sound.

We’ve had enough already of this year’s US Open coverage and the dribbling childish rants of Brad Gilbert and others on ESPN that only detract from the enjoyment of a good tennis match. If you don’t want to hear one of the ever-present McEnroe brothers how about the option of just doing without?

And using the mute button is not an option if you want to hear the players, the fans’ reactions, the “smack!” of the racket making hard contact with the ball.

No, it’s time to give TV viewers a different, better option, and one that acknowledges choice. Because as viewers we are paying for this service and we deserve the choice of how we view these events – not to have the broadcasters shove them down our throats as they want us to consume them.

Some overseas Olympic broadcasters gave their viewers the option of watching events without obnoxious NBC commentators. Many stated how the beauty of competition was augmented without the obtrusive interjections of paid sports promoters.

It’s time for a change.

And it’s time for consumers to be in charge.



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