Facebook’s Zuckerberg “Likes” Napalm Attacks – Doesn’t Want World Exposed To Truth Of Their Horrors

In 1972 during the atrocious US napalm bombings of Vietnam there was an iconic photo taken and later published around the world of a Vietnamese girl fleeing naked from a napalm attack.

The photo was published on the front page of the New York Times in 1972 and was named World Press Photo of the Year for 1972. It was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Journalism. Kim Phuc, the victim, is still alive and is now a citizen of Canada. Her story is a brave and remarkable one.



When a Norwegian newspaper published a story about iconic war imagery – including the picture of Kim Phuc – Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook corporation threatened and then deleted the journalists account. 


Zuckerberg and Facebook, who want to be All Things To All The World, have taken the dirty curbside vision perspective that the napalm photo of Kim Phuc is offensive to the world in ways that only Zuckerberg and Facebook can determine and therefore cannot be sent over their monstrously Orwellian social website.

Zuckerberg’s motivations cannot even be guessed at, but they eventually, always end at one point: Profits. And the motive not to offend massive profit-centered, censorship-heavy markets like Communist China.


We hear Donald Trump and Roger Ailes are planning their own bizarro news network after the 2016 election.

Mark Zuckerberg has already crafted his own twisted vision of the world with Facebook where “social interaction” is another term for squeezing money from suckers.

Zuckerberg’s company was recently punished in India for their scheme in supposedly giving “free access” to the internet but the Indian government found it was tied into Facebook advertising. That’s called Bait and Switch.

Nothing is as it seems in Zuckerberg’s Crafted World View.  It’s as old as William Randolf Hearst and the Spanish-American War. (Look it up.)

But you’d think consumers would have gotten the joke by now.


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