The Bloom Is Off Charlie Rose

The bloom is off Charlie Rose.

He’s grown too lazy as a journalist and is in danger of becoming another Brian Williams-like embarrassment to real newsmen.

When he presents guests like adenoidal Ian Bremmer, a supposed international expert who instead is a paid hack for international business interests, and lets him go on like a junior George Clooney wannabe then we have to question Charlie’s ability to screen guests.

While every news pundit in the USA jumps all over Donald Trump for his hero-worshiping of Russian despot Vladimir Putin, it is worth noting that it was less than 1 year ago that Charlie Rose famously interviewed Putin and was left looking like a wimpering suck-up, never challenging Putin on any substantive level. We were left thinking that the only possible explanation was that – like Donald Trump – Charlie Rose was being so nice to Putin because he was looking for business deals after the interview was over.


Charlie Rose has become a Status Quo man.

It became evident in his combative interviews with candidate Bernie Sanders while Rose was chummy and softball friendly with his pal Hillary Clinton.

The last thing we want in this country is status quo. We need journalists who ask the hard, salient, relevant questions – then follow up those questions when guests lie or obfuscate or twist in the wind.

That’s important to remember when Chris Wallace of Fox News – just named as one of the  Presidential Candidate debate moderators – stated that it wasn’t his job to “be a fact checker” in the debates.

Well if Chris Wallace can’t even tell a fact from a lie in a presidential debate, how the hell did he get put in one of the most important jobs in this 2016 election?


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