Yes, US Olympic Athletes Got Waivers For Banned Drugs – It’s A Double Standard

That Russian hacker leak from WADA revealed medical documents from lots of athletes.

And it seems such esteemed news outlets like The New York Times are refusing to repeat any of that leaked information.

If this was Watergate do you think the NYT’s would be so shy and timid?

Apparently, the editors at the NYT’s are coloring the whole event as a spat of naughty hackers rather than a legitimate issue of whether WADA has created a double standard where Russian athletes are crushed for violations yet American stars are shielded with supposed “doctors notes” that allow them to use amphetamines (Simon Biles) and steroids (the Williams’ sisters).


Multiple Gold medalist Biles was given a waiver and allowed to use Ritalin for years for a supposed ADHD condition. Sure, people have ADHD. But Ritalin is speed, and it is one of the widest abused drugs in professional sports. The bottom line is: Ritalin improves athletic performance. That’s why it is banned.


Both Williams’ sisters had multi-year waivers for, among other drugs, prednisone, a steroid. No, it is not an anabolic steroid. It is a corticosteroid. But it is performance-enhancing and it is still banned.


So, maybe the Russians do have a point. Sure they cheated the bejeezus on a monstrous level. But does that mean other countries like the USA get to “game” the system allowing their athletes to ingest all sorts of banned drugs under the cover of flimsy doctor’s notes?

Really, whose doctors are you going to start trusting when it looks like everyone is cheating?


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