NFL Continues Support For Wife Beaters – Encouraging Violence Against Women

We suppose it must be because Donald Trump has declared open season on women that the NFL and its members have come out in full support of New York Giants kicker Josh Brown who has admitted repeatedly beating and abusing his wife over many years.

The Giants head coach Ben MacAdoo has consistently come out in support…of yes, the man inflicting the beatings on his wife! Kind of goes against those “family-friendly” commercials the NFL routinely runs during games picturing the league as a great¬†influence for the home.

How about Giants owner John Mara? A billionaire with a say in all things football? Mara has said nothing but that he’s totally behind…Josh Brown, the big strong man who beats his wife!

And Josh Brown the wife beater has found he can count on all his Giants teammates as they have all come out in support of the wife beater.

Forget all those pink ribbons you see on NFL players on Sunday TV games – It’s a Big Fat Sham.

Actions speak louder than empty gestures and over and over the NFL has shown it consistently supports violence against women.

(The NFL came out so strong, gosh darn it, they suspended Brown for one game. One game.)

Then, well, the sh*t hit the fan. Or as regular NFL watchers call it: The facts of the case became known to the public and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had to wake up and actually do something.

It’s notable that it was a British Broadcasting Network that hit Goodell up on the issue as in the United States of America it seems the media – sports and otherwise – has come to accept that the NFL is simply able to act as a criminal facilitating corporation focused on nothing but PROFITS rather than the well-being of its players or the victims of its players.


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