Anti-Clinton FBI Faction Tries To Screw Election With Flimsy Email Announcement

It is well-known that when the FBI decided to close its case on the Hillary Clinton email server case that there were many within the splintered agency who were left stewing in their juices.

Now those stewed prunes found their revenge. And they did it with headlines using a ridiculously flimsy excuse: A laptop belonging to a former Clinton aide that contains 1000’s of emails. The catch? All those emails have probably already been covered by the FBI’s previous investigation. The FBI made NO effort to check before throwing out their bombshell announcement as if they’ve stumbled onto some secret cache.

We have become used to the FBI’s incompetence, whether it’s their own officers’ criminal corruption or the very real recent revelations that the FBI negotiated with a Congressman over classifying documents “Top Secret” by agreeing to trade this action by assigning more FBI agents to overseas positions.

And now we have FBI Director Comey doing what Russian Dictator Vladamir Putin has been trying to do for months: Sabotage our American election and throw it over to a wannabee Little Dictator Donald Trump.

So much for Separation of Powers.


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