Swedish Study Shows Trump Voters Have Low IQ Levels

A highly mobilized team of Swedish scientists has been scouring the United States over the past 3 months studying the unique Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump’s declared supporters and after extensive research have come to this startling conclusion: Trump supporters intelligence quotient levels are far below the US average and, in fact, might disqualify some from voting in their particular states, based on antiquated voting laws.

Lars Larsen, Phd. and his Swedish team have been in such relentless pursuit of Trumpsters that they even made use of dog sleds to reach certain outlying areas of Trump supporters in Arctic Alaska.

Prof. Larsen said their team was first alerted to possible Trumpster intelligence problems when they handed the Trump subjects pencils for the IQ tests and most asked “What’re these?”

When told it was “a writing instrument” in which to take an IQ test many Trump supporters immediately turned the pencil into a weapon and attempted to attack the scientists.

Grudgingly, the scientists were forced to give the Trumpsters some basic IQ points for their sub-human ability to use the pencil as a weapon/tool, even though some scientists were injured during the exercise.

(Trumpsters were also given credit for recognizing that their thumbs could be used to help them grasp objects in their hands, something also recognized by chimpanzees. Strange enough, Dr. Larsen noted, most chimpanzees knew enough not to vote for Donald Trump.)

Professor Larsen is submitting the results of his historic findings to the appropriate anthropological organizations for further study.


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