Fox’s Hannity Promises To Personally Wash Your Car If You Vote For Trump

Monday night before Election Tuesday, in a rare and genuinely personal gesture to Americans everywhere, Fox News dude Sean Hannity promised to personally wash the car of every man, woman and child who votes for Donald J. Trump.

To top it off, later in that same program, favorite Trump suck-up Rudy Guiliani said he’d be right beside Hannity, shining the hubcaps on every one of those cars! Rudy said he could use the knee pads he was wearing the night before while crawling around Trump Tower.

Of course, Sean Hannity is an official adviser to the Trump presidential campaign. Given the quality of previous advisers to Donald Trump we can only wonder when the offers of free beer and hamburgers for votes is coming.

(In the very small credits after the program Hannity’s promise was guaranteed only in the event of a Donald Trump win. Which, we know, can only happen in the fevered, oxygen-deprived minds Fox News hosts.)


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