Indiana University AD Fred Glass Allows Abuse Of Student Athletes – Calls It “Caring”

The head football coach of Indiana University was allowed to resign by Athletic Director Fred Glass after multiple reports of athlete abuse in what can only be described as an extreme case of coddling an NCCA football coach.

Indiana AD Fred Glass has been an incompetent for years in twiddling his way through the myopic world of Hoosier sports. But in allowing an abusive Division I coach to resign rather than firing him can only be described as malicious and shows a clear disregard for the health and well-being of the college student-athlete.

Fred Glass should be fired.

If you are the parent of a high school athlete why ever would you want them to attend Indiana University if the head Athletic Director does everything he can to protect the reputation of an abusive coach rather than respond to the well-being of the athletes who depend on the university for everything from housing to food to health care.

Parents do NOT intend their children to be mentally or physically abused by the coaches who are acting under the direct supervision of the Athletic Director Fred Glass.

Football coach Kevin Wilson is gone.

But it is Athletic Director Fred Glass who allowed the abuse to go on for years.

As the Penn State case has shown, the buck doesn’t stop at the coach: It goes all the way to the top to the coach’s bosses.

Shame on them.

[And if the players want it to stop, there is only one way. Like Penn State, bring on the lawsuits. 100’s of millions of dollars will get the attention of these ignorant, short-sighted, insulated from reality athletic directors.]


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