Minnesota Football Players Involved In Drunken Gang-Rape: Now Team Plays Above-The-Law In Boycott Threat

The height of today’s college athletes’ sense of privileged status is embodied in the entire University of Minnesota football team.

They have decided en masse to boycott all activities, including a profitable (for the university) bowl game, because 10 members of the team have been suspended due to their participation in a drunken gang-rape of a female student employee of the University of Minnesota


And their coach is 100% behind them. That’s leadership for you!

An entire team of 19 and 20 year old men who play for one of the most respected universities in the nation standing together to support their “brothers” who gang-raped a drunken co-ed.

And to top it off, they’re trying to start a twitter hashtag movement under the handle #We’veHadEnough and using – get this – an image and quote of Martin Luther King, Jr!

Is someone spinning in his hallowed grave right now?

We just bet all those players standing naked in line waiting for their chance to sexually assault a drunken coed were shouting quotes of MLK back and forth at each other. You bet they were.

Well, isn’t that nice for football players to stand up for gang-rape? To support their fellow players who stood in line to sexually assault a drunken female University of Minnesota employee?

The entire team was outraged that the university president would suspend the 10 football players for such behavior. So, they put all their concussed noggins together and came up with their childish boycott stand.

Yes, these outstanding young men are the leaders of tomorrow.


This is the year 2016. The president-elect is a man who is on record for promoting sexual assault.

Why should we be surprised that our college athletes  – paid to play by tax dollars – should be following in the steps of our new Commander-In-Chief.


2 thoughts on “Minnesota Football Players Involved In Drunken Gang-Rape: Now Team Plays Above-The-Law In Boycott Threat

  1. Very articulate and well-written article, until you dragged politics in it toward the end. Still, kudos for writing the truth about this pathetic display of solidarity in supporting what appears to be a heinous crime.


  2. I am truly disgusted by the support of these football players. You do not stand behind your “brothers” for gang raping someone! I hope the school pulls the football team as a whole this year. These are not boys who deserve scholarships or praise. These are boys who have lost their morals entirely. I am horrified for any woman attending this university and I hope that they do something productive to protect their female students. #ivehadenough #wevehadenoughofrapeculture ! Dispicable!


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