Minnesota Players’ Boycott Effort Collapses After Hard Spanking By University President – Damage To Univ. Image Already Done

The ludicrous boycott effort by University of Minnesota football players has collapsed. A Friday night meeting with University President Kaler went down with the clueless lunkhead players not getting anything they demanded so forcefully in their original bullying press conference.


Never in the history of collegiate athletics has an entire team stood “proudly” together to support their fellow players right to gang rape other students. 

Yes. All these players knew the facts about the gang rape. Because many of them were there. Many of them shared text messages and video clips of the sexual assault. Many of them collaborated in fabricating lies to police in the following investigation.

STILL they gathered together 120 strong and rallied their troops to call attention for all of America and claim they were victims.

STILL they put out a Twitter campaign using the words and image of Martin Luther King, Jr. that proclaimed THEY – those who organized and attempted to cover-up the sexual assault – were victims.

How clueless are these lunkheads? Here are some of their statements from their boycott-ending press release.

That they expect America to “show support for our team and the great character shown by the great majority of our players.”

 Ha! All of America will be rooting against them in that Holiday Bowl, that is, if anyone even watches.

“As football players we know that we…are held to higher standards.”

Do they know that? Did they know that when they were fighting to get into line to sexually assault that incapacitated coed? Why the hell should we believe anything they have to say?

“We want to thank our coaching staff and so many others for their support during this difficult time.”

Again, the PLAYERS were going through a difficult time?! What the hell do you think the poor coed was going through when she was at the hospital after the attack? When she had to go through grilling by cold police officers making her repeat over and over the details of that horrendous experience? Then having her name exposed and having to continue living and working at the same university as all those monsters who did that to her? Is there ANY concept of empathy in the heads of these coddled athletes or is it ALWAYS about them? They are truly living in a bubble where nothing outside their protected world exists.


This did not take place in a vacuum. Many of the player’s fathers, including Ray Buford, who is a Detroit police officer, were very vocal and public advocates for the players’ actions. You would think parents and police officers would know better. You would think a police officer wouldn’t start advocating for players involved in a sexual assault.

Yes, we would think that. Apparently, that policeman doesn’t.


Yes, it’s true that just last year the Athletic Director at the University of Minnesota was dismissed for sexual harassment. And that’s not the only incident there. There were plenty of them that can be googled.

So these football players are just the latest – and most egregious – in a long line.


Let’s hope President Kaler has finally found his big ball bat and is keeping it hung close to his desk for future use on all recalcitrant know-nothings.


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