Univ. Of Minn. Football Players Stand Tall For Right Of Student Athletes To Gang Rape Fellow Students

It was just 2 years ago that a group of student athletes at Northwestern decided to pursue their right to form a labor union and took it to the courts.

My, how times have changed.

Now the self-righteous student athletes of the University of Minnesota football team have threatened to boycott because 10 of their brethren have been suspended by the university president for taking part in a gang rape of a female student/university employee.

The local police refused to prosecute the football players because, well…you know, all the police officers investigating were fans of the football team and were afraid of losing their free season tickets. Oh, and because the woman was drunk, then, well, you know…

Yeah. We know how police think. These days, it’s the same police who go around shooting first and asking questions later.

“To Serve And Protect?” If this is serving and protecting then their boss must be Caligula.

[For anyone interested in football-related rape cases we suggest a serious study of Florida State’s Jameis Winston. From the top down the investigating officers were also employed by or connected to Florida State University. The state’s prosecutor had undue influence and later the judge for the university investigation refused to call testimony from investigating officers. Can you say “whitewash?”

And Winston is now the millionaire star of the NFL’s Tampa Bay Bucs – can you say Happy Ending!]


Thank goodness University President Eric Kaler is, for now, standing firm on the suspensions because they are based “on facts and (are) reflective of the University’s values.”


As for the student athlete “leaders” and their coach who supposedly supports their infantile, nay, criminal stance, they have no concept of any values: Whether those of the University of Minnesota which they supposedly represent or the values shared by all decent human beings on this planet.


The University of Minnesota it must be said has now for years been a pit of desperation for student athletes’ behavior as well as their own AD being dismissed. You need only google for details.

Basketball coach Richard Pitino has a rich history of recruiting reprehensible players who end up being dismissed and arrested for any number of offenses. One of his first recruits brutally beat a girl and was arrested. Just this past season 3 players were suspended for posting sex videos on their Twitter feeds. How’s that for quality athletes?


(It should be said that Richard is the son of Rick Pitino of Louisville whose program was just punished by the NCAA for having an assistant coach pay for prostitutes for players and recruits.Rotten fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.)


So the University President finally puts his foot down, like a parent who has finally had enough.

Should we be surprised that these spoiled, dense, now criminally corrupt kids think they have the power to bite the hand that feeds them?

Time to take them to the woodshed.




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