New York Times Supports Minnesota Players Pro-Sexual Assault Agenda

New York Times writers Mark Tracy and Pat Borzi went on the record in their Saturday report that framed the University of  Minnesota football players plight as not one of an aggressive gang rape sexual assault but rather a “due process” and “fairness” issue for the perpetrators of the crime.

Well, how’s THAT for a creepy spin?

We suppose when the NFL’s Carolina Panthers Greg Hardy beat his girlfriend to a pulp but consequently got his conviction overturned on a technicality, NYTs writers Tracy and Borzi were thrilled about Hardy’s good fortune on HIS due process and the law’s fairness.

Tracy and Borzi thought it was relevant to tout how beautiful it was that student-athletes are able to rally ’round and organize over good causes.

Wait. These players were boycotting in support of their fellow football players who gang raped a coed. And Tracy/Borzi are applauding this?

These NYTs writers pulled out the example of University of Missouri football players who recently boycotted because of racism on campus…But, wait – That SAME Missouri team was found to be cheating academically by having tutors taking tests and just a few years before was involved in their own campus rape scandal where the victim – a female member of the Missouri swim team – later committed suicide.

You’d think NYTs writers would know this kind of stuff.

Then again, when these same writers think this Minnesota boycott was a good idea because these poor football players were denied due process, you can be assured they don’t know squat.


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