Duke’s Grayson Allen Kicks Elon Player, Then Throws Major Hissy Fit, Claims Boy-Brat Player Of The Year

Wednesday night’s Duke game against a supposedly easy mark Elon had another infamous Grayson Allen attack when he kicked an Elon player who was driving to the basket.


Of course, Allen has an illustrious history of kicking opposing players in big and obvious ways. Last year it was against Florida State and Louisville. And both times done vindictively, spitefully and with the boy-brat style that can only be pulled off by the  coddled and spoiled.

In the Elon game Mssr. Allen went over the top when called for the obvious technical foul. He went full-blown temper-tantrum. Blew up, blew down, beat on chairs, beat on the floor, screamed like a spoiled child and left America looking at the Boy-Brat Player Of The Year.

Congratulations, Grayson Allen! You’re the winner. Of being the smallest player in college basketball.



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