Univ. Of Minn. Football Players Stand Tall For Right Of Student Athletes To Gang Rape Fellow Students

It was just 2 years ago that a group of student athletes at Northwestern decided to pursue their right to form a labor union and took it to the courts.

My, how times have changed.

Now the self-righteous student athletes of the University of Minnesota football team have threatened to boycott because 10 of their brethren have been suspended by the university president for taking part in a gang rape of a female student/university employee.

The local police refused to prosecute the football players because, well…you know, all the police officers investigating were fans of the football team and were afraid of losing their free season tickets. Oh, and because the woman was drunk, then, well, you know…

Yeah. We know how police think. These days, it’s the same police who go around shooting first and asking questions later.

“To Serve And Protect?” If this is serving and protecting then their boss must be Caligula.

[For anyone interested in football-related rape cases we suggest a serious study of Florida State’s Jameis Winston. From the top down the investigating officers were also employed by or connected to Florida State University. The state’s prosecutor had undue influence and later the judge for the university investigation refused to call testimony from investigating officers. Can you say “whitewash?”

And Winston is now the millionaire star of the NFL’s Tampa Bay Bucs – can you say Happy Ending!]


Thank goodness University President Eric Kaler is, for now, standing firm on the suspensions because they are based “on facts and (are) reflective of the University’s values.”


As for the student athlete “leaders” and their coach who supposedly supports their infantile, nay, criminal stance, they have no concept of any values: Whether those of the University of Minnesota which they supposedly represent or the values shared by all decent human beings on this planet.


The University of Minnesota it must be said has now for years been a pit of desperation for student athletes’ behavior as well as their own AD being dismissed. You need only google for details.

Basketball coach Richard Pitino has a rich history of recruiting reprehensible players who end up being dismissed and arrested for any number of offenses. One of his first recruits brutally beat a girl and was arrested. Just this past season 3 players were suspended for posting sex videos on their Twitter feeds. How’s that for quality athletes?


(It should be said that Richard is the son of Rick Pitino of Louisville whose program was just punished by the NCAA for having an assistant coach pay for prostitutes for players and recruits.Rotten fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.)


So the University President finally puts his foot down, like a parent who has finally had enough.

Should we be surprised that these spoiled, dense, now criminally corrupt kids think they have the power to bite the hand that feeds them?

Time to take them to the woodshed.




Minnesota Football Players Involved In Drunken Gang-Rape: Now Team Plays Above-The-Law In Boycott Threat

The height of today’s college athletes’ sense of privileged status is embodied in the entire University of Minnesota football team.

They have decided en masse to boycott all activities, including a profitable (for the university) bowl game, because 10 members of the team have been suspended due to their participation in a drunken gang-rape of a female student employee of the University of Minnesota


And their coach is 100% behind them. That’s leadership for you!

An entire team of 19 and 20 year old men who play for one of the most respected universities in the nation standing together to support their “brothers” who gang-raped a drunken co-ed.

And to top it off, they’re trying to start a twitter hashtag movement under the handle #We’veHadEnough and using – get this – an image and quote of Martin Luther King, Jr!

Is someone spinning in his hallowed grave right now?

We just bet all those players standing naked in line waiting for their chance to sexually assault a drunken coed were shouting quotes of MLK back and forth at each other. You bet they were.

Well, isn’t that nice for football players to stand up for gang-rape? To support their fellow players who stood in line to sexually assault a drunken female University of Minnesota employee?

The entire team was outraged that the university president would suspend the 10 football players for such behavior. So, they put all their concussed noggins together and came up with their childish boycott stand.

Yes, these outstanding young men are the leaders of tomorrow.


This is the year 2016. The president-elect is a man who is on record for promoting sexual assault.

Why should we be surprised that our college athletes  – paid to play by tax dollars – should be following in the steps of our new Commander-In-Chief.

Trump Calls Taiwan-Why Not! Why Should Any US President Let Communist China Dictate Who They Can Talk To?

Yes. Donald Trump talked with the democratically elected president of Taiwan.

Why shouldn’t he. Why the hell should the most powerful nation in the world let Communist China tell it who it can and cannot talk to? THAT is the question.

The national media – including The New York Times – is equating Trump’s conversation with Taiwan’s president as if it were an act of war with China. It’s not.

It’s called Freedom of Speech.

Why can’t the US president speak with Taiwan’s president? Oh. It’s that Jimmy Carter agreement way back when that essentially…well, what DID we gain from letting Communist China become a massive pain in the arse to the world as a whole? What DID we gain by recognizing Communist China and throwing small, independent, democratic Taiwan under the bus?

Well, we threw away our principles, for one thing.

Why would we abandon Taiwan, a country that has come to more closely resemble the democratic, free-thinking values of the United States? Why would we instead allow Communist China free access to all our markets so that it could take unfair trade advantage and fundamentally alter the American economy so that it will NEVER be the same? So that China’s unfair trade advantage has allowed it not only to steal jobs from Americans but to amass trillions of dollars that it has used and is currently using to purchase American corporations and manufacturing sites and tracts of real estate so that America’s resources have essentially been transferred wholesale across the Pacific to Chinese control?

Why does everyone screaming in the press seem to think that Communist China can dictate who the American president can talk to on the telephone? 

Oh. It’s all the same people who were so blindered for years with outdated values that they thought putting Hillary Clinton up for president was going to be a great move forward for this country.

Uh, huh.

Once you let a bully start dictating what you can do, that bully controls you.

It’s time to stop the mindset that Communist China sets policy for the world. It’s time that the United States starts setting an example by showing leadership.

[This is in no way an endorsement for Donald Trump. It is an endorsement for a change in foreign policy.]

Indiana University AD Fred Glass Allows Abuse Of Student Athletes – Calls It “Caring”

The head football coach of Indiana University was allowed to resign by Athletic Director Fred Glass after multiple reports of athlete abuse in what can only be described as an extreme case of coddling an NCCA football coach.


Indiana AD Fred Glass has been an incompetent for years in twiddling his way through the myopic world of Hoosier sports. But in allowing an abusive Division I coach to resign rather than firing him can only be described as malicious and shows a clear disregard for the health and well-being of the college student-athlete.

Fred Glass should be fired.

If you are the parent of a high school athlete why ever would you want them to attend Indiana University if the head Athletic Director does everything he can to protect the reputation of an abusive coach rather than respond to the well-being of the athletes who depend on the university for everything from housing to food to health care.

Parents do NOT intend their children to be mentally or physically abused by the coaches who are acting under the direct supervision of the Athletic Director Fred Glass.

Football coach Kevin Wilson is gone.

But it is Athletic Director Fred Glass who allowed the abuse to go on for years.

As the Penn State case has shown, the buck doesn’t stop at the coach: It goes all the way to the top to the coach’s bosses.

Shame on them.

[And if the players want it to stop, there is only one way. Like Penn State, bring on the lawsuits. 100’s of millions of dollars will get the attention of these ignorant, short-sighted, insulated from reality athletic directors.]