Trump Administration Goes Racist: Ignores Jewish Decimation In Holocaust

In what can only be the most aggressively racist act of the new Trump Administration, President Trump purposely left out any mention of the millions of Jews decimated during the Holocaust.

President Trump’s statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day made no mention whatsoever of how Jews were targeted by Hitler his Final Solution – the systematic elimination of all Jews.

Later, when taken to task over this egregious lack of acknowledgment of all the Jews killed, Trump and his administration refused to make any apologies, instead, insisting more than ever they purposely choose not to mention Jews.


This is merely the beginning. Trump’s chief man in The White House Steve Bannon has determinedly attacked Jews for years in his media business and espoused anti-Jewish attitudes in his racist rants.

During Trump’s campaign events many supporters showed racist, white-power signs. These were never denounced by Trump.

The joke here is that Trump constantly rants about supporting the state of Israel.

It’s a smokescreen.

Trump’s faithful supporters and his foremost advisor, Steve Bannon, are racists of the first order.


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