There’s No Art In This Non-Deal Of Trump’s Healthcare Bill

Trumps healthcare bill.

It failed miserably.

And he’s supposedly the man who stakes his reputation on The Art of the Deal.

It’s baldly clear Donald Trump couldn’t make a political deal to save his ass.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, he and his relatives are raping the American peoples by signing billion dollar contracts between their companies and Chinese corporations with Chinese military ties.

But do any of those “hillbilly” voters – written about so elegiacally by a Harvard dude – read The Wall Street Journal to keep up on these deals?

No. They’re too busy scoring hydrocodone¬† and oxymorphone manufactured by Big Pharma then getting constipated and getting Rx’s from their docs for more Big Pharma meds so they can poop again so they can keep up their White-American hillbilly addictions.

And some hillbilly Harvard dude will write another book and get more facetime on the tube explaining all that hillbilly pain.

We call it something else: Willful stupidity.

Want to know more? Just ask…



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