Trump’s Syria Strike A Sham: Airbase Up And Running 24 Hours Later

We should have known it was fishy when the US gave Russia advance notice that we were going to bomb Al Shayrat Airfield in Syria.

Since when do you give the ENEMY advance notice they are going to be bombed!?

Now, the proof is in: Less than 24 hours after Trump’s “triumphant” Syrian strike the airbase is up and running and fighter jets are flying off the runways and hitting innocent Syrian civilians.

Reminds us of that episode from Joseph Heller’s classic WWII novel “Catch 22” where the US Air Force makes an agreement to bomb their own airbase.


It was a good business decision.


Now, Trump can pretend he took a stand. The Russians can pretend outrage over an action that did no material damage.

The US media can fawn all over Trump as being more “presidential” than Obama who was the Syrian “wimp” while the Democrats can whine and pontificate about why they weren’t consulted about such “war” actions when actually they’ve got no alternatives, meanwhile they’re crying rivers over Assad’s repeated gas attacks.



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