Trumpsters: They Got Their President Who “Wasn’t A Politician” – Now What?

At this point it’s obvious the 70 year old person sitting in the Oval Office is seriously off his rocker.

Trump, it has been revealed, asked the FBI director to drop an investigation into Russian hack Michael Flynn.

That’s called obstruction of justice.

That’s what former President Richard M. Nixon did.

Nixon resigned before he was impeached by Congress.

Can you see where this is going?

And all those hacks who voted for Donald Trump because they thought it was a GREAT IDEA to have an amateur politician running  the United States Of America…your Reality TV show is about to hit you in the face.


One thought on “Trumpsters: They Got Their President Who “Wasn’t A Politician” – Now What?

  1. Hard to imagine any one individual less capable to be president of the U.S. let alone allowed a twitter account. Hillary is just as incapable and no less embarrassing.

    Odd that journalists cried over Hillary’s loss and Trump’s win. We all should have cried over the pathetic cast of characters running for President. The only principled candidate was Bernie.

    Whether you agree with Bernie’s principles (I don’t with most) or not, he has enough strength of character to have done a much job than any of the others that ran.

    The US voters must be very desperate to have voted Trump to be President and as astonishing voted for Hillary with a majority. Disgraceful and sickening


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