Trump Speech: “Let Loose The Dogs Of War!”

In a disjointed, hyperbolic telepromptered speech tonight Donald Trump essentially called out the dogs of war – that is, US military might – to wage war across the globe in some nebulous, far-reaching plan to “win, win, win” in the effort to…well, make sure the US will “defeat our enemies.”

How’s that for scaling back the government?

Oh, and he’s going to make Afghanistan pay for the war. Just like he was going to make Mexico pay for that wall – then decided he wasn’t.

And then he threatened Pakistan, a nuclear weaponized nation, and one of our allies.

And then he threatened India, another nuclear weaponized nation, and one of our allies. And used one of his favorite threats against India, economic sanctions.

And as for specific military plans?

That’s where it got scary. Trump declared that he was letting the generals call the game on how to run the war with no oversight from the US government.

Even Eisenhower knew better than that.


Trump forever repeated the terms “patriotism” and “winning” and made his speech one of the most navel-gazing foreign policy bits ever witnessed.

As if the people living outside the US have nothing to do with the world whatsoever.

Trump is the living embodiment of a child-president.

Woe to the world.


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