Spacey Surprise? “An Open Secret” Film Revealed Hollywood’s Underbelly, Till Hollywood Shut It Down

First Harvey Weinstein. Then came Kevin Spacey and his habits.

Should the world be outraged when Hollywood insiders all respond with “it was an open secret?”

A few years ago Oscar-nominated filmmaker Amy Berg released her well-reviewed documentary “An Open Secret” about a particularly nefarious den of Hollywood pedophiles with connections to very big figures in the industry.

And…Hollywood killed it.

Try to find references to “An Open Secret.” It’s unavailable on video.

When those in power in Hollywood do not want you to know their secrets – especially who control billions of dollars – then those secrets will stay in the dark.

Maybe, just maybe, there’ll be a little light shining in there soon?


Video Of Rep. Wilson’s Heroic Speech Proves Gen. Kelly A Despicable Liar

Oh, how someone’s prejudices color their memories.

Trump’s Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly, by his own words, has proven himself a man of many prejudices whose memories are full of lies.

The Sun-Sentinal newspaper of Broward County, Florida released their full video of Rep. Wilson’s speech of 2015 that prompted Kelly’s despicable lies of his press conference.


What the speech has proven is that Rep. Wilson’s speech was not only heroic but celebrated and gave thanks to all FBI, military and law enforcement officers in addition to members of congress across the aisle – Republicans  who helped speed up the process of naming the new FBI building for the 2 deceased FBI agents. She even asked all law enforcement agents to stand so that they could be recognized for their work during her speech.

What did Gen. Kelly say? That she thanked herself and sat down.

Only a severely prejudiced mind could have attended that speech and recalled it as Kelly had. Which calls into question all decisions of judgement he has or might make. Essentially, he has gone “bunker” mentality, like the rest of Trump’s bizarre crew, leaving America in a precarious situation.


Trump’s former National Security Advisor and lying Russian mole Gen. Michael Flynn who was dismissed for lying and is now under investigation.

Next, Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly, the 4-star general, outright lying in front of all America. Sent out to a podium by Donald Trump to tell lies to America – essentially acting as a lapdog for a president whose behavior has prompted former presidents – breaking historical precedent  – to come out and warn how Trump is leading the country toward a dark and dangerous place.

And now, Trump has a 4-star general helping him lead that battle toward America’s downfall.


When Gen. John Kelly Started Telling Trump Lies

Gen. John Kelly – who has been touted by all as America’s greatest living hero by politicians across the spectrum – just showed his true colors during a press conference that devolved into weepy emotions and outright lies to Americans.

Kelly, among other outrageous statements debasing Americans and their lack of supposed values(Gen. Kelly’s values), he spilled out a vitriolic diatribe against a black congresswoman from Florida that proved to be a complete fabrication.

It was obviously a story planted in Kelly’s head by Trump’s functionaries. The telltale signs of Trump propaganda are all over this – yes  – fake news story.


Why is this scary? Very scary?

Because Gen. Kelly is supposed to be the one feeding Trump the “real news” of the world to keep him in line. To keep Trump from doing the dangerous things that might lead America toward disaster.

And now here we have Gen. John Kelly – the Man Who Whispers In The President’s Ear – proving himself unable to determine facts from fiction. Why? Apparently because he has a serious problem ruling his own emotions when he and his military are being attacked in the press.

Gawd. Trump has done it again.

He’s chosen another whack candidate for a very important job. And America again is in jeopardy.


General John Kelly Presser: “Heil, John Kelly!”

In what must be the most outrageous moment in Donald Trump’s presidency – yes, what does that say? – Chief of Staff General John Kelly proved himself to be a very dangerous, self-absorbed popinjay who is obviously swollen with his own sense of self-importance.

This is very scary for the United States of America.

Ever since Kelly was appointed chief of staff over a chaotic Trump White House he has been touted by all observers across the political spectrum as the Man In Charge, the Man Keeping America Safe From Trump.

Now it is clear: Kelly has become a megalomaniac. An unelected megalomaniac who has control of the White House.

Kelly condemned all politicians and congress.

Kelly made heroes of ALL members of the military and in the same breath dismissed all citizens who have NOT served in the military as lesser people!

We have now reached a point in US history where the leader of the country believes citizens are of a lower class than those in the military.

In a very scary moment, General Kelly refused to allow ANYONE to ask questions of him unless they were “Gold Star” family members or knew “Gold Star” family members!

(By the way, what is this military charade term “Gold Star Family?” Someone who had spouse/son/daughter die while in combat. Hmmm. Anyone in the military want to bring up this fact:

More soldiers were killed last year while they were undergoing TRAINING under the US military’s supervision than were killed in combat. What do you call THOSE family members? FORGOTTEN!)

So the de facto leader of the Free World refused to have anything to do with people unless they had some connection to the military.

Leaving the press conference Kelly told all assembled they could stare at his back and think about all the brave military souls saving the world.

All we read about – for those who keep track of these things – are Navy ships crashing and killing their own sailors, Admirals being dismissed, jets and helicopters crashing constantly killing their pilots and leaving their foreign host countries questioning why they even keep US troops on their soil, not to mention hundreds and hundreds of non-combat civilians being killed by the US military as “collateral damage” and alienating host nations who they are supposed to be “protecting.”

And Kelly has the gall to stand in front of America and hold up the US military as the epitome of what the US represents?

My gawd. Eisenhower is rolling in his grave.


Cuba. Venezuela. Putin’s Russia. China.

The United States has entered the Age of the Totalitarian Leader.

And you thought Trump was bad…

Twitter Silences Rose McGowan; Lets Trump Trample Over Truth

The faceless corporate behemoth Twitter suddenly shut down the account of actor Rose McGowan.

McGowan has been very Twitter-vocal recently in the whole Harvey Weinstein abuse case.

It is clear that the powerful people involved in silencing the victims of Weinstein and others are still wielding their brickbats. Weinstein – good friends with Hilary Clinton and whose company Malia Obama spent an internship at last year – is on record threatening his victims with retaliation. In one case he was quoted as screaming “I’m the meanest mutherf*cking enemy you will ever have in this world.”


Yes, Fox News and those on the Right are painting this as “the sexist liberals are getting theirs.”

But last night listening to Fox’s “The Five” pontificating and condemning “liberals” for sexual abuse – with Jesse Watters(!) as moderator – was like being in Hell and listening to the Devil tsk tsk his minions for their sinful transgressions.


As for the lawless, faceless, rudderless, profitless Twitter corp., their actions – or lack of action – defy all the world’s logic.

Russian propaganda lies meant to undermine the integrity of the United States and paid for by the Russian intelligence services?

That’s A-Ok with Twitter!

Rose McGowan uncovering the Truth behind Hollywood’s abuse?

“Shut the woman down!” says Twitter.


Meanwhile, Twitter let’s Donald Trump spew outright lies across the world.

And does nothing to shut him down.

Who has the power in this world? It should be clear to everyone by now: Those In Power.

And when those in power shut down the voices of those who speak Truth To Power, oh, woe betide us.

If Americans Kneel, Will Mike Pence Walk Out Of Vice-Presidency?

Mike Pence, our Most Petty Vice-President, claimed that he walked out of an NFL game Sunday between the Colts and 49ers because some dozen players took a knee during the national anthem.

Which leads us to ask: If the man second-in-line to lead the United States of America is so easily swayed by such petty matters, then if a few hundred Americans took a knee during the national anthem could the Man-Standing-On-Principals-Of Sand Mike Pence be so outraged that he would resign from the vice-presidency?

It’s well worth a try.


The Reality:

Pence had this planned all along. His rapidly dispensed press release explaining his “outrage” and departure was written well before Sunday’s game.

He and Trump hatched this rotten egg tomfoolery to keep this “kneeling” issue on the front pages to whip up their gap-toothed, backwoods-dwelling ignorant racist base and guarantee they’d keep foaming at the mouth.

(As if they weren’t already foaming at the mouth from the rabies that inherently drove them to vote for Donald Trump.)

What Cam Newton Doesn’t Think Is Funny: Joking About His Illegal Payments From Auburn

Cam Newton is a real cut-up.

Women asking football questions? Man, that’s a whoop!

But there’s one thing Ol’ Cam doesn’t like people joking about: The illegal payments he got from Auburn when they recruited him to play quarterback there.



Since American’s memories are as short as Donald Trump’s attention span, they should be reminded that Auburn recruited Cam to play for them by illegally funneling $180k to Newton through his father, Cecil.

Of course, intrepid NCAA investigated with the rigor of toothless 20 year-old Persian pussycat. When the money trail ended up in some real estate of Cecil Newton then the NCAA declared “All clear!” cause they couldn’t actually put their pussy paws on anything.


So, the dirty, tainted Cam Newton turns into nasty boy when fans bring up those ugly facts of his life and get a good laugh about it.

Cam Newton. Perfect example of what’s despicable about the NFL.

And if you need more, just google for Cam’s meltdown after losing big to Denver in Superbowl 50 in 2016. Whatta hero…