What Cam Newton Doesn’t Think Is Funny: Joking About His Illegal Payments From Auburn

Cam Newton is a real cut-up.

Women asking football questions? Man, that’s a whoop!

But there’s one thing Ol’ Cam doesn’t like people joking about: The illegal payments he got from Auburn when they recruited him to play quarterback there.



Since American’s memories are as short as Donald Trump’s attention span, they should be reminded that Auburn recruited Cam to play for them by illegally funneling $180k to Newton through his father, Cecil.

Of course, intrepid NCAA investigated with the rigor of toothless 20 year-old Persian pussycat. When the money trail ended up in some real estate of Cecil Newton then the NCAA declared “All clear!” cause they couldn’t actually put their pussy paws on anything.


So, the dirty, tainted Cam Newton turns into nasty boy when fans bring up those ugly facts of his life and get a good laugh about it.

Cam Newton. Perfect example of what’s despicable about the NFL.

And if you need more, just google for Cam’s meltdown after losing big to Denver in Superbowl 50 in 2016. Whatta hero…


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