General John Kelly Presser: “Heil, John Kelly!”

In what must be the most outrageous moment in Donald Trump’s presidency – yes, what does that say? – Chief of Staff General John Kelly proved himself to be a very dangerous, self-absorbed popinjay who is obviously swollen with his own sense of self-importance.

This is very scary for the United States of America.

Ever since Kelly was appointed chief of staff over a chaotic Trump White House he has been touted by all observers across the political spectrum as the Man In Charge, the Man Keeping America Safe From Trump.

Now it is clear: Kelly has become a megalomaniac. An unelected megalomaniac who has control of the White House.

Kelly condemned all politicians and congress.

Kelly made heroes of ALL members of the military and in the same breath dismissed all citizens who have NOT served in the military as lesser people!

We have now reached a point in US history where the leader of the country believes citizens are of a lower class than those in the military.

In a very scary moment, General Kelly refused to allow ANYONE to ask questions of him unless they were “Gold Star” family members or knew “Gold Star” family members!

(By the way, what is this military charade term “Gold Star Family?” Someone who had spouse/son/daughter die while in combat. Hmmm. Anyone in the military want to bring up this fact:

More soldiers were killed last year while they were undergoing TRAINING under the US military’s supervision than were killed in combat. What do you call THOSE family members? FORGOTTEN!)

So the de facto leader of the Free World refused to have anything to do with people unless they had some connection to the military.

Leaving the press conference Kelly told all assembled they could stare at his back and think about all the brave military souls saving the world.

All we read about – for those who keep track of these things – are Navy ships crashing and killing their own sailors, Admirals being dismissed, jets and helicopters crashing constantly killing their pilots and leaving their foreign host countries questioning why they even keep US troops on their soil, not to mention hundreds and hundreds of non-combat civilians being killed by the US military as “collateral damage” and alienating host nations who they are supposed to be “protecting.”

And Kelly has the gall to stand in front of America and hold up the US military as the epitome of what the US represents?

My gawd. Eisenhower is rolling in his grave.


Cuba. Venezuela. Putin’s Russia. China.

The United States has entered the Age of the Totalitarian Leader.

And you thought Trump was bad…


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