Al Franken Delivers Speech Worthy Of Capra, Shaming Fellow Shameless Democrats

America Take Note: On the same day America’s Democratic Leadership forced Sen. Al Franken to resign without regard to reason or due process, they also embraced and through their entire support behind the Criminal Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey whose federal corruption trial just ended in a hung jury.

This will be missed by most news outlets.


Sen. Al Franken stood at the podium of the senate chamber today and delivered the most significant political speech of 2017.

The crime is that Franken’s history-making speech was forced upon him by the McCarthyist Democratic Party Leadership without any regard for America or Americans.

Franken’s speech spelled out the values of leadership that have been totally absent from any political party existent in this country or any other in recent memory.

Franken spelled out what exactly our elected officials are supposed to do: Serve their people and their country.

Franken referred again and again to deceased Sen. Paul Wellstone of Minnesota to underscore the values he held dear and that have been abandoned now entirely by the Democratic dinosaurs who run the party as cynically as Donald Trump runs rampant over the rule of law.


America is at a Crossroad now. Citizens look for leadership in times of crisis.

At this point in time, the Schumer’s, the Pelosi’s, the Warren’s are running like junkyard dogs grabbing hold of their little scraps of power while America careens toward collapse thanks to the corruption of Donald Trump.

And those Democratic Leaders just threw Al Franken under the bus on their own trips to hell.


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