NYT’s Accepts $ To Promote “Fearless Girl” Controversy

How fiercely crass is The New York Times? We’ll tell you.

On April 12th 2017 they promoted a “controversial” story about the “Fearless Girl” statue on Wall Street and how it turned the sculptor of the Wall Street bull rather peevish.

It turned out to generate massive coverage and feedback from people all over the world.

Great, you might say?

Not so great, we say.


Because the “Fearless Girl” statue was commissioned by State Street Capitol Advisors – Who The New York Times took Big $ from for a Big Ad in their same day’s Business Section which just so happened to blare – get this – “Sometimes Shit Happens.”

Well, actually, the ad said – “Sometimes —– Happens.”

But why be coy when you’re in bed with The New York Times and promoting yourself by ludicrously tying your corporate profits onto the back of the Women’s Rights Movement?

Talk about shame.

Shame on The New York Times.

Shame on State Street Capitol Advisors.

Shame on all those who got suckered into this false “discussion” of “Fearless Girl” when the real issue is about two corporations making a tempest in a teapot in order to generate corporate profits.


Jenner’s Controversial Pepsi Ad…Filmed In Thailand!

If you thought Pepsi and Kendall Jenner were tone deaf on race relations before, NOW it’s even worse!

That TV ad about race relations in America was actually filmed by Pepsi in Thailand!


Because it was CHEAPER.

Actor in Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad Reveals Most Extras Were Not from U.S and Didn’t Understand the Racial Issues

People magazine talked to an extra on the shoot who spilled the beans. They said no one on the shoot even knew what was going on.

I mean, how many Black Lives Matters groups are there in Bangkok?

Again, a monstrous US multi-national corporation that cares only about profits tries to make money off the deaths and abuse of thousands of humans.

Pepsi – Pour a taste on a grave, why dontcha.

Indianapolis Company Angie’s List Sucks Up To Fox’s Sexual Harassing O’Reilly

As big corporate sponsors such as Mercedes Benz and Allstate withdrew their advertising money from Fox’s Bill O’Reilly’s TV program based on multiple lawsuits where he settled sexual harassment claims, the Indianapolis based corporation Angie’s List has decided to Stand By Its Sexually Harassing Man O’Reilly.

Cheryl Reed, spokeswoman for Angie’s List, as quoted  in The New York Times said, “Just as we trust members to make their own hiring decisions, we trust them to make their own media consumption decisions.”


By Angie’s List’s own logic, then…if a corporation such as Angie’s List CHOOSES to sponsor a PROVEN CORRUPTOR such as Bill O’Reilly, then consumers should CHOOSE NOT TO USE that corporation – ANGIE’S LIST.

Thanks for giving us that option, Angie!

Cause when Bill O’Reilly comes after you or your daughters or your friends or anyone you know, he’ll be smiling that creepy smile knowing YOU’VE got his back.


Angie’s List has proudly touted their Indianapolis, Indiana headquarters location, knowing they are in the heart of Mike Pence territory where religious-backed Right-Wing politics rule the land and women’s rights are held in such low esteem that Governor Pence made it his policy never to sit down at a table with a single woman, fearing the supposed backhand of God swatting him across his dirty little mind.

There’s No Art In This Non-Deal Of Trump’s Healthcare Bill

Trumps healthcare bill.

It failed miserably.

And he’s supposedly the man who stakes his reputation on The Art of the Deal.

It’s baldly clear Donald Trump couldn’t make a political deal to save his ass.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, he and his relatives are raping the American peoples by signing billion dollar contracts between their companies and Chinese corporations with Chinese military ties.

But do any of those “hillbilly” voters – written about so elegiacally by a Harvard dude – read The Wall Street Journal to keep up on these deals?

No. They’re too busy scoring hydrocodone  and oxymorphone manufactured by Big Pharma then getting constipated and getting Rx’s from their docs for more Big Pharma meds so they can poop again so they can keep up their White-American hillbilly addictions.

And some hillbilly Harvard dude will write another book and get more facetime on the tube explaining all that hillbilly pain.

We call it something else: Willful stupidity.

Want to know more? Just ask…


The NYT’s Hates Bob Dylan’s Nobel Award

For 2 weeks Bob Dylan has been silent about his Nobel Prize win for Literature.

And The New York Times has been on a hate parade about it.

Ever since the Swedish Academy announced 2 weeks ago it was awarding Bob Dylan the Nobel Prize for Literature, The New York Times has been tying itself up in politically correct conniption fits.

The Times has been spinning the news in their own way: That Dylan’s silence over the matter somehow shows ungratefulness. Worse, The Times’ implication has for 2 weeks been that the Nobel Prize for Literature rather should go to some unknown (unworthy) who would therefore be thrust into the world’s spotlight to illuminate this or that passing cause to us unlearned masses.

They even published an opinion piece: “Why Bob Dylan Shouldn’t Have Gotten A Nobel”


Read it. It says, in part, the Nobel committee should have given the award to an “underrepresented” group, or for example, an “online” writer.

(Note to Times: These are the types of articles that turn people into Trumpsters.)

You mean, someone irrelevant. Someone who hasn’t changed millions of lives or made countless impacts across all spectrums of peoples and races across the world? Dylan’s music still inspires millions of fans and wannabe musicians.

The Nobel Prize was first awarded over a century ago and was given for a writer’s body of work over their lifetime.

The Nobel is not – as The Times and other Politically Correct Revisionists would have it – an award given to push this year’s favorite cause celebre’.

Anyone – anyone – who knows Dylan’s work knows the great influence books and literature had on him as a lyricist and comprehends how much he deserves this Nobel award – No matter the unconventional, out-of-left-field manner in which it came about.

Anyone who knows Bob Dylan knows the impact his work has had across the world: In politics, film, literature, art, fashion and music.

Organizations like The New York Times with their blindered writers and editorial boards can go back to Youtube or somewhere else and watch that singular event in July 1965 at the Newport Folk Festival when Dylan shocked audiences with his messy, raucous electric performance of “Like A Rolling Stone” and changed the face of rock and roll forever.

That’s what artists do. They shake things up. They do the unexpected. They do NOT conform to the standards that the media or business demands from them. And that it what Bob Dylan has been doing for over 50 years as an artist.

And if The New York Times doesn’t like it, they can write their own protest song.

And we’ll bet it won’t get a Nobel Prize.



NFL Continues Support For Wife Beaters – Encouraging Violence Against Women

We suppose it must be because Donald Trump has declared open season on women that the NFL and its members have come out in full support of New York Giants kicker Josh Brown who has admitted repeatedly beating and abusing his wife over many years.

The Giants head coach Ben MacAdoo has consistently come out in support…of yes, the man inflicting the beatings on his wife! Kind of goes against those “family-friendly” commercials the NFL routinely runs during games picturing the league as a great influence for the home.

How about Giants owner John Mara? A billionaire with a say in all things football? Mara has said nothing but that he’s totally behind…Josh Brown, the big strong man who beats his wife!

And Josh Brown the wife beater has found he can count on all his Giants teammates as they have all come out in support of the wife beater.

Forget all those pink ribbons you see on NFL players on Sunday TV games – It’s a Big Fat Sham.

Actions speak louder than empty gestures and over and over the NFL has shown it consistently supports violence against women.

(The NFL came out so strong, gosh darn it, they suspended Brown for one game. One game.)

Then, well, the sh*t hit the fan. Or as regular NFL watchers call it: The facts of the case became known to the public and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had to wake up and actually do something.


It’s notable that it was a British Broadcasting Network that hit Goodell up on the issue as in the United States of America it seems the media – sports and otherwise – has come to accept that the NFL is simply able to act as a criminal facilitating corporation focused on nothing but PROFITS rather than the well-being of its players or the victims of its players.

US Open: We Love Gael Monfils! The Zen Poet Of Tennis!

The tennis world is in a self-righteous outrage over France’s Gael Monfils. It seems the gatekeepers like John McEnroe and others didn’t care for Monfils performance in his semi-final loss against Novak Djokovich in which at times Monfils stood flat-footed for Novak’s serves. The New York US Open crowd – notoriously the worst tennis-worthy crowds in the Grand Slams – heartily booed disapprovingly.

Tsk, tsk.

For anyone who has followed Monfils in his long, colorful career we can only say, What did you expect? He’s the genius of the unexpected. He was getting trounced by the powerful Djokovich and so Gael went Zen. He decided to get inside Djok’s head. It worked. It worked enough to get Novak frustrated enough to rip his shirt on court as if he was the Incredible Hulk. It worked enough that Gael won the 3rd set. It just wasn’t enough to win the match.


We find it laughable that those who pretend to speak for the game of tennis condemn someone like Gael Monfils who has toiled in the middle ranks for well over a decade entertaining and thrilling crowds all over the world.

We find it equally laughable that a USTA player as personally reprehensible as Nick Kyrgios of Australia is promoted in tennis so wildly that he is featured on the cover of the New York Times Magazine, yet his own country of Australia finds him so demeaning that their Olympic Committee refused to allow Kyrgios to represent them in this past Summer Olympics.

That is the world of tennis. Where the Powers That Be try to crush Free Spirits like Gael Monfils.

And, also, where everyone forgets it was just in 2009 at the US Open when “the greatest tennis player in the world(sic)” threatened a small lineswoman with “I’ll F**cking take the ball and shove it down your f**cking throat!”


“The greatest?”

In the karmic terms we measure greatness, that’s laughable.