Trump Wants Control Over Women – Take Away Abortion

Donald Trump stated on “60 Minutes” that he would attempt to seat a Supreme Court Justice who would overturn Roe v. Wade.

Trump stated he wanted the option of abortion to be tossed back to the state level – like slavery used to be a state level issue.

If a woman wanted an abortion and it was illegal in her state then, Trump said, she could just “go to another state.”

We wonder if our billionaire president will pay for her bus fare for that theoretical trip. Or alternatively, will he help raise and support and put through school and then employ all the millions of unwanted children that will be born when abortion is made illegal.



And Hillary Still Doesn’t Get It – Blames FBI

Face it. Trump won the presidency because the Democratic Party of these United States of America shoved Hillary Clinton down our collective throats as their benighted candidate before the primary season even began.

The Wikileaks emails from the Democratic National Party proved that they derailed Bernie Sanders candidacy and did all they could for Clinton. But anyone following the campaign knew this before any leaks confirmed it.

And Hillary Clinton, the quintessential Washington insider without a moral or ethical compass who has, over the years, grown a shell around her as hard as a 300 year old turtle, has never owned up to any mistake she or her husband have ever committed over the tempestuous decades of their careers.

And she still doesn’t get it.

The news reports have Hillary blaming her election loss not on her massive personal and campaign shortcomings but on the fillip of FBI Director James Comey’s late-term mis-steps.


We still point to our own report early in the campaign when Hillary was at a big private fundraiser in some big mansion where a young black woman managed somehow to gain entrance and challenge Clinton about her husband’s crime policies. What did Hillary do? Her henchmen threw the young woman out of the mansion.

That’s how Hillary courted the black vote – in private and reality. She ignored them and had them tossed out of her mansion while taking huge checks from the money men.

That’s what Hillary Clinton has been doing for years with her husband. The evidence is all over the place. Even her own daughter Chelsea tried to stop the corruption when they brought her into the Clinton Foundation and Chelsea found out about $100,000 handshake meetings businesses gave her dad while supposedly doing “charity” yet dad Bill kept the money.


And America’s Democratic Party and most of the media went right along with the attempt to christen Hillary Clinton as the Savior of America – The Agent of Change. A fighter for the downtrodden.

Hillary Clinton was a half-dead horse they all dressed up as a Kentucky Derby Winner.

It didn’t work.



It comes down to a lack of Leadership.

There was no leadership in the Democratic Party and they failed the American people. Someone like Bernie Sanders who was a true believer and who had grown his own movement into a genuine power was thwarted.

There was no leadership in the Republican Party.

Over and over again Republicans like party chairman Reince Preibus said they had to “respect the wishes of the electorate” when they voted for Donald Trump. But primary victories are notoriously won by appealing to small, narrow sections of the population. And Trump did this through craven race-bating, hate-mongering that no one ever stood up to. And when the ugliness worked on that small level, he took it to a higher level. And now there is, literally, going to be a buffoon in the White House. A twittering, bankruptcy-loving, vindictive small-minded man who holds grudges against anyone who he thinks has slighted him in any way whatsoever.

And that man is in control of the biggest armed force in the world.

We know this: He is a little man and he is scared to death. He has no one around him of any experience who has any proper national or international expertise and when the media cites his VP Mike Pence everyone should know Pence was a second-rate governor of a sparsely populated Midwest state who botched every policy in that state he had to deal with.


But we’ll survive.

Good people rise up in difficult times. We’ll need lots of good people – citizens and politicians.

Don’t expect or trust the media to do anything constructive. The media has their own agenda and at the bottom of that agenda…is corporate profits. (When Trump first appeared the CBS News president at a meeting declared it “was bad for America but great for our ratings!” That tells you all you need to know. When you read something, question the source, question the writer, question their agenda.


People who supported Trump all have their own agendas. We prefer to make the distinction that their choices are made out of ignorance – a lack of information.

We believe – strongly – that Donald Trump will NEVER follow through on his strongly stated goals. We believe when Trump does take action it will be blunderbuss-worthy. Eventually, all those who supported him will see him as the charlatan he always has been. There will be corrections driven by an enlightened electorate.

It’s only 2 years till the next election…


Besides, how many millions of those who voted for Hillary knew they were voting for a very imperfect candidate who, if elected, would never have done anything noteworthy, would never have followed through with all those policies that she never had until Bernie Sanders made her realize they were what America wanted ( Income inequality? It cannot be denied that the Clintons took in over $20 million in speaking fees to Wall Street and multi-nationals, as per their tax returns).


Yes, there is that Supreme Court issue. We’ll have to come back to that…



The Bloom Is Off Charlie Rose

The bloom is off Charlie Rose.

He’s grown too lazy as a journalist and is in danger of becoming another Brian Williams-like embarrassment to real newsmen.

When he presents guests like adenoidal Ian Bremmer, a supposed international expert who instead is a paid hack for international business interests, and lets him go on like a junior George Clooney wannabe then we have to question Charlie’s ability to screen guests.

While every news pundit in the USA jumps all over Donald Trump for his hero-worshiping of Russian despot Vladimir Putin, it is worth noting that it was less than 1 year ago that Charlie Rose famously interviewed Putin and was left looking like a wimpering suck-up, never challenging Putin on any substantive level. We were left thinking that the only possible explanation was that – like Donald Trump – Charlie Rose was being so nice to Putin because he was looking for business deals after the interview was over.


Charlie Rose has become a Status Quo man.

It became evident in his combative interviews with candidate Bernie Sanders while Rose was chummy and softball friendly with his pal Hillary Clinton.

The last thing we want in this country is status quo. We need journalists who ask the hard, salient, relevant questions – then follow up those questions when guests lie or obfuscate or twist in the wind.

That’s important to remember when Chris Wallace of Fox News – just named as one of the ┬áPresidential Candidate debate moderators – stated that it wasn’t his job to “be a fact checker” in the debates.

Well if Chris Wallace can’t even tell a fact from a lie in a presidential debate, how the hell did he get put in one of the most important jobs in this 2016 election?

More Brian Williams Idiocy: “Police Shootings Disrupt American’s Holiday-making!”

Nothing is more dangerous on MSNBC than turning Brian Williams loose during ANY major news event.

On Sunday during the MSNBC coverage of 3 Baton Rouge policemen being shot dead Brian Williams went on another one of his all-time┬ábrain-dead ramblings during which he claimed, loosely, that this summer’s tragic events in Dallas, Nice and now Baton Rouge have disrupted what are American’s God-given right to celebrate their holiday’s uninterrupted by events such as these tragedies.

Yes, Brian Williams said the massacre in Orlando, the massacre in Nice, France, the murders of police officers across the United States…are destroying the summer holidays of ALL AMERICANS.

That is the biggest take of Brian Williams of MSNBC news.

MSNBC and their ownership, NBCUniversal have chosen to spit in the face of journalism and America.

Allowing Brian Williams to return to MSNBC after their own network investigation proved Williams lied over and over on network TV over factual events he reported show that MSNBC and NBCUniversal don’t care about journalism or America.