LeBron’s Failure Finally Called Out – By The NYT’s!

Addendum: Thanks to help from the NBA’s timely suspension of Draymond Green and the Warrior’s Stephen Curry seemingly taking under-the-table payments from the NBA to throw game 7 – yes, he did keep passing the ball into the stands and heaving airballs toward the goal – the NBA finally was able to get what they wanted – A Championship for Loser LeBron.

If you don’t believe it, find the interview with disgraced NBA ref Tim Donaghy – he who bet on games and made sure he made money – about the NBA pre-game referee conferences where they are “coached” about which team to favor.  Fans see the calls/non-calls. They know.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are a sick ship sinking fast.

Blown out in 2 straight games by the Golden State Warriors the Cavs and their nominal NBA masthead LeBron James are threatening to ruin the potential billions in advertising revenue that corporations expect from a competitive NBA Finals series.

And who’s to blame for all this?

Why, basketball mastermind LeBron himself, who since arriving in Cleveland has been slinking around behind the scenes like Richard the III manipulating player trades and coaching changes in order to create a…well, just look at the results.

It seems the Cavs will go down even worse than they did last year.

“Thanks, LeBron!”

The creep bit is that James and his cronies – did we mention his agency handled Johnny Manziel – scream to the skies that they “never” have any hand in trading away #1 draft picks, bringing in old players, dumping coaches after they are seen dissing him over and over(Dave Blatt).

This is what happens when NBA franchises turn their playgrounds over to the kids. Was this the price for getting LeBee back to the Cold Northern Climes?

And it was good to see Harvey Araton of The New York Times finally see the light and spell it out for readers (better late than never).

Well, hey. At least the Cavs got that Eastern Conference Title.

Then again, that wasn’t the reason LeBron came back, was it?

The Egoist promised an NBA title.

Cleveland can go to bed knowing they have possession – for now – of a player who holds one distinctive record – It was reported that James has amassed over half a billion dollars so far in his career.

Hmmm. Still not enough to buy an NBA franchise. But he’s certainly able to run one.

Whatever happened to that Richard The III guy, anyway?

Nah. This is America. LeBron will end up with his own TV sitcom.

Oh, jeez. We forgot. He already has one!