Oklahoma’s Mixon Knocks Out Girl, Breaks Her Face In 4 Places; American Men Agree: “It Was A Good Punch”

The 2-year old video of University of Oklahoma star running back Joe Mixon knocking out a female student has just been released. For the first time the world can see the event and judge for itself.


And for all those commenting on sports sites across the web the troubling conclusion is this: The girl deserved it.

Why? Because prior to getting violently punched out by a massive, muscular athlete, the blond girl pushed him, then slapped him on the neck.


By the thousands men (and some women) are throwing their weight behind the very flimsy logic that this big man was merely defending himself against this girl.

Tellingly, by the thousands these nitwits are buttressing their logic with the fact that women declare they want equality from men. Therefore, a push and a slap from a much smaller female should certainly be seen as a mortal threat and should be countermanded by a punch with the force to kill.

“They want equality? We’ll GIVE them equality! With our fists!” they all say.

Hmmm….think these people have issues?

Think these people can’t properly process intellectual concepts?

Think these people hate all that “women’s lib” stuff? Think these are all the people who hated Hillary Clinton because she was one of “those” women and really wanted to punch her out?

Think this nation is becoming more violent, more intolerant, more reactionary, less able to grasp fundamental values like, for example, Don’t beat your children or women?


It’s popular to talk about the crumbling infrastructure of America – meaning roads, bridges, etc.

There’s another infrastructure crumbling in America and the sound is deafening – It’s the sound of the crumbling infrastructure of American Society.

We’re wondering who’s going to stand up and become the leader to rebuild that.


New York Times Supports Minnesota Players Pro-Sexual Assault Agenda

New York Times writers Mark Tracy and Pat Borzi went on the record in their Saturday report that framed the University of ┬áMinnesota football players plight as not one of an aggressive gang rape sexual assault but rather a “due process” and “fairness” issue for the perpetrators of the crime.

Well, how’s THAT for a creepy spin?

We suppose when the NFL’s Carolina Panthers Greg Hardy beat his girlfriend to a pulp but consequently got his conviction overturned on a technicality, NYTs writers Tracy and Borzi were thrilled about Hardy’s good fortune on HIS due process and the law’s fairness.

Tracy and Borzi thought it was relevant to tout how beautiful it was that student-athletes are able to rally ’round and organize over good causes.

Wait. These players were boycotting in support of their fellow football players who gang raped a coed. And Tracy/Borzi are applauding this?

These NYTs writers pulled out the example of University of Missouri football players who recently boycotted because of racism on campus…But, wait – That SAME Missouri team was found to be cheating academically by having tutors taking tests and just a few years before was involved in their own campus rape scandal where the victim – a female member of the Missouri swim team – later committed suicide.

You’d think NYTs writers would know this kind of stuff.

Then again, when these same writers think this Minnesota boycott was a good idea because these poor football players were denied due process, you can be assured they don’t know squat.