Oklahoma’s Mixon Knocks Out Girl, Breaks Her Face In 4 Places; American Men Agree: “It Was A Good Punch”

The 2-year old video of University of Oklahoma star running back Joe Mixon knocking out a female student has just been released. For the first time the world can see the event and judge for itself.


And for all those commenting on sports sites across the web the troubling conclusion is this: The girl deserved it.

Why? Because prior to getting violently punched out by a massive, muscular athlete, the blond girl pushed him, then slapped him on the neck.


By the thousands men (and some women) are throwing their weight behind the very flimsy logic that this big man was merely defending himself against this girl.

Tellingly, by the thousands these nitwits are buttressing their logic with the fact that women declare they want equality from men. Therefore, a push and a slap from a much smaller female should certainly be seen as a mortal threat and should be countermanded by a punch with the force to kill.

“They want equality? We’ll GIVE them equality! With our fists!” they all say.

Hmmm….think these people have issues?

Think these people can’t properly process intellectual concepts?

Think these people hate all that “women’s lib” stuff? Think these are all the people who hated Hillary Clinton because she was one of “those” women and really wanted to punch her out?

Think this nation is becoming more violent, more intolerant, more reactionary, less able to grasp fundamental values like, for example, Don’t beat your children or women?


It’s popular to talk about the crumbling infrastructure of America – meaning roads, bridges, etc.

There’s another infrastructure crumbling in America and the sound is deafening – It’s the sound of the crumbling infrastructure of American Society.

We’re wondering who’s going to stand up and become the leader to rebuild that.


Yes, US Olympic Athletes Got Waivers For Banned Drugs – It’s A Double Standard

That Russian hacker leak from WADA revealed medical documents from lots of athletes.

And it seems such esteemed news outlets like The New York Times are refusing to repeat any of that leaked information.

If this was Watergate do you think the NYT’s would be so shy and timid?

Apparently, the editors at the NYT’s are coloring the whole event as a spat of naughty hackers rather than a legitimate issue of whether WADA has created a double standard where Russian athletes are crushed for violations yet American stars are shielded with supposed “doctors notes” that allow them to use amphetamines (Simon Biles) and steroids (the Williams’ sisters).


Multiple Gold medalist Biles was given a waiver and allowed to use Ritalin for years for a supposed ADHD condition. Sure, people have ADHD. But Ritalin is speed, and it is one of the widest abused drugs in professional sports. The bottom line is: Ritalin improves athletic performance. That’s why it is banned.


Both Williams’ sisters had multi-year waivers for, among other drugs, prednisone, a steroid. No, it is not an anabolic steroid. It is a corticosteroid. But it is performance-enhancing and it is still banned.



So, maybe the Russians do have a point. Sure they cheated the bejeezus on a monstrous level. But does that mean other countries like the USA get to “game” the system allowing their athletes to ingest all sorts of banned drugs under the cover of flimsy doctor’s notes?

Really, whose doctors are you going to start trusting when it looks like everyone is cheating?

Wimbledon Champ Bartoli Is Sick Anorexic, But HuffPost Thinks It’s Beautiful Self-Expression

We’ve always loved tennis great Marion Bartoli. We loved her intelligence. We loved her intense focus on the court. And we loved it even more when she won the Wimbledon title in 2013.

When she suddenly retired after that win everyone was surprised.

Now we’re shocked and surprised to see the recent pictures of her that show a clearly sick, anorexic and unhealthy Bartoli who very much needs some help.



What could be worse?

Many in the British press – including supposed feminists – are calling any concern over Bartoli’s condition “sexist” and throwing down the full weight of their damning gauntlets of condemnation toward any who see danger in Bartoli’s anorexic state.

The Huffington Post’s UK supposed “lifestyle” opinion-maker has the gall to give Bartoli a “You Go Girl!” thumbs up.

In fact, that HuffPost writer somehow brings her twisted intellect around to calling it “body-shaming” when fans show concern over Bartoli’s physical condition. She says:

“Let’s get one thing straight, if you write a tweet about someone’s physique, no matter what their shape or size, it’s not a sign of you showing your concern about their health or wellbeing.

It’s body-shaming, it’s dangerous and it needs to stop.”

– Rachel Moss (UK’s HuffPost)

Under such logic streams, this shrink-brained HuffPost writer Moss would see a junkie in the gutter  injecting smack in their veins, smile wistfully, and congratulate said addict on their alternate “lifestyle choice.”


Americans should know that British women have taken the strangely impolitic issue of  “body-shaming” and elevated it to the same level as murder and genocide.

It should be pointed out that the newly elected mayor of London just banned posters of women in bikinis in public transport areas of the city because images of women in bikinis were deemed body-shaming by their very nature.

(Many men thought posters of David Beckham should be banned because they felt body-shamed in the face of Beckham’s physique. Yes, they had a valid point.)

Yes. This body-shaming thing is a contrived issue created out of the newly-minted perceived slights of those who can see no farther than their own navels, those who forever are looking for the slings and arrows tossed their way that hurt their feelings and keep them from developing into whole human beings.

That is, spoiled coddled brats.


Marion Bartoli, we hope you regain your center and your health. During your career there were those who doubted your talents – and those cruel ones who critisized your looks. But there were millions more who always loved and supported you, and still do.


Republicans Vote Into Law: Terrorists Can Buy Assault Weapons

There is currently an unusual sit-in going on at the House of Representatives over America and guns.

Democrats have decided it’s insane to give terrorists the right to buy assault weapons. And they’ve decided to make it clear to ALL Americans that over and over their Republican counterparts have specifically voted to allow everyone listed on the Terrorist Watch List to buy any gun and as many guns as they want.

Yes. Republicans are on record for supporting the Right To Bear Arms for TERRORISTS.


Because the National Rifle Association wants everyone on the Terrorist Watch List to be able to purchase any and as many guns, assault weapons, armor-piercing bullets, 100-round ammo magazines whose only purpose is for war and for the killing of mass amounts of human beings.

So, be aware. The Republican members of Congress have voted over and over.

And it is clear that now Republicans are representing ONLY the RIGHTS OF TERRORISTS.


Ask YOUR Congressman: Why did you vote to allow terrorists to buy guns?

No excuses, no wavering over the “imprecise” list of terrorists.

Who exactly do you NOT want to allow to buy a gun?

US Cancer Drug Prices Highest In World – Big Pharma Loves The “Big C!”

We’ve all become aware that cancer is now the scariest illness effecting Americans as our Life Expectancies get longer and longer.

Leave it to the criminally corrupt pharmaceutical corporations to extract maximum profits where the sickest citizens are.

Now, in a recent study highlighted by US News And World Report, we find the United States pays the highest prices in the world for generic and name brand cancer drugs.


Notably, the 3 countries that had some kind of government controls over drug pricing had the best deals for cancer drugs: Australia, England and Israel.

Yes, we can already hear all the Republicans screaming that “government controls” are evil and will never happen.

And that would put all those Republicans in the camp of…the pro-death pro-cancer voting block. Otherwise known as taking monstrous financial benefits from and being in the pocket of Pfizer, Bayer, Novartis, Merck, etc.

American Congressmen. Promoting profits for Big Pharma and death for US Citizens.

UN Sanctions North Korea, But It Was S. Korea Feeding Them $Millions In US Cash For Years

Strange things happen in International Politics.

While the crazy -Il dictators of North Korea have been developing nuclear arms over the years and the world has been twisting its ears over how to stop them, why was their next door neighbor – South Korea – handing over bags full of brand new US $100 bills adding up to hundreds of millions since 2004? Essentially giving the Hermit Kingdom the cash necessary to wreak havoc on not only South Korea but the world?

Because it was great for South Korean businesses, that’s why.

North Korean slave laborers don’t complain.

In fact, they didn’t even get paid. The crisp $US money went straight to the crazy North Korean rulers and the military. The poor starving workers were given slips of paper to exchange for bits of food or goods at roughly $2 an hour.


The Kaesong Industrial Complex in North Korea was dreamed up by corrupt South Korean rulers to exploit North Korean slave laborers and they called it “international cooperation.”

Now, if you can believe this, since South Korea finally cut off the $millions of US cash to North Korea last month, it’s the South Korean businesses that are starting to complain.


To understand Korean business practices you’ll have to do some studying on your own. Start with “chaebols,” the uniquely Korean family business-controlled multinationals that you buy your cars from, your electronics, etc.


If you thought things were skewed in the US, you’ve never studied business practices in South Korea.

Remember that South Korean ferry that sank 2 years ago in 2014? Tragically killing about 300 Korean students on holiday? The fault of that sinking can be directly linked to corrupt chaebol business practices.


Examples of chaebol corruption go right down to the ludicrous. The chaebol daughter of the Korean airlines executive who ordered her flight back to the terminal to kick a flight attendant off the plane because she was offended when she wasn’t offered, was it a piece a candy? The return to the terminal violated international flight regulations. There was a cover-up involving the pilots, who lied to cover-up the daughter’s involvement. She was found out because of passengers. She eventually lost her job, but kept a salary. That’s the power of corrupt family chaebols in Korea.


South Korea has always been an ally of the United States. The South Korean people are wonderful, curious, industrious and great citizens of this Green Planet. But like all the numerous examples of the US’s blundering in world affairs that ended disastrously, South Korea’s Kaesong experiment only added fuel to the nuclear fission/fusion taking place across its border.


Why We’re Gloating Over The Oscars

No, it has nothing to do with that whole media hubbub about the nomination process.

Like we’ve mentioned before: The President of The Academy is a black woman. How racist can they be?


This is about how wrong the media can be. And how we made money from it.

Like many in the world, we enjoy a good wager. And when we saw that the odds for Best Supporting Actor were screaming that Sylvester Stallone was a sure winner, well…we knew better. We took the long odds and went with the best acting job we’d seen all year: Mark Rylance in “Bridge Of Spies.”

Rylance got the Oscar. We cleaned up.

Rylance’s wasn’t a showy performance. In fact, he practically disappeared into his character. So much so that you couldn’t keep your eyes off him.

Rylance is British, from the stage and well known for his chops. He’s currently onstage in New York now. When “Bridge Of Spies” came out his performance was singled out in most reviews.

Yet, somehow, in the media’s “we-only-care-for-what’s-in-front-of-us-not-what’s-in-our-rear-view-mirror” attitude, every article prior to the Oscars touted Stallone as the overwhelming favorite.

Why? Because he’s a sympathetic old white guy? Because like lots of old Hollywood types he’s hyped on steroids and HGH (except Sly got busted for bringing HGH into Australia back in 2007)?


You can only speculate on why the media got this particular Oscar thing wrong. Because they were all so sure about it.

Now, if we could all make money every time we knew the press was wrong…