Controversial Mizzou Prof. Click Fired

The University of Missouri professor Melissa Click was dismissed Wednesday night by a vote of 4-2 by the university’s board of curators.

We’re directing you to the Washington Post’s account since it’s more informative than the NYT’s story (which adds so much “context” as to exonerate Click from any responsibility).

Sure, right-wing Missouri lawmakers made hay over the incident. But the university planted the seeds for the hay.

Click had amassed a letter of support from over 100 faculty members. These faculty members must have been duly impressed by Click’s research papers that added so much to academic thought on lofty topics like Lady Gaga and “Fifty Shades Of Grey.” Yes, that’s what gets you a professorship at a major university these days.

We remember the good ol’ days when students and professors were protesting against criminal US military actions overseas and the young students who were dying in these conflicts.

Prof. Click ‘s anger was spent fighting her own journalism students, calling for mob “muscle” to stop freedom of speech on a university campus.

Then an earlier video surfaced of Click cursing at police with the dreaded “f” word during a protest at the homecoming parade where she and others were attempting to – gasp – stop the university president’s parade car.

As a communications professor, Click must have thought that would have communicated a powerful message.

Click has communicated her way right out of a job.

Ironic Addendum: After the very ugly video clips of Click attacking students went viral, she paid money to a private consulting company to “soften” her online profile. 

Like a tiger paying a consulting firm to convince the world he’s a lamb.