Daily Beast Writer Lies About MH370 – Pilot Shah DID Hijack Plane

In a headline-shrieking story in today’s The Daily Beast dubious “journalist” Clive Irving does all he can to deny that Malaysian Air flight MH370 pilot Zaharie Shah hijacked the plane in a murder/suicide plot.


But like most lying propagandists Irving simply ignores the facts.

And worst of all, Irving ignores that most IMPORTANT element: Motive.

MH370 Pilot Shah was a well-known, vehement supporter of Malaysian opposition politician Anwar Ibrahim whom the repressive Malaysian government had been harassing for years.

The hijacking of MH370 was a desperate political act by Pilot Shah, in defiance of the Malaysian government and the government-owned airline for which he worked.

Shah’s background and movements were well-documented by the press but downplayed by the Malaysian government because of their own fears of being seen as vulnerable politically on the worldwide stage.

If the Malaysian government admitted their own pilot caused this disaster in reaction to their internal political machinations it could cause financial and social ruin.



The Daily Beast’s Irving failed to mention many facts in the case, including that MH370 Pilot Shah’s family left his house the day before the flight departed and have never been heard from since. Supposedly they were “in government care.”

No mention has ever been made of any attempts to interview his wife and son. Wouldn’t that be a basic starting point for ANY investigation?

Also, a small point. Irving makes it sound as if Pilot Shah merely had a computer with a flight program on it. Rather, he had an entire mock cockpit set up in his house with his computer. More than just someone “fooling around” on his laptop.


Importantly, Irving goes out of his way to make it sound as if the Malaysian government has been putting forth the theory of the “pilot hijack,” but that is absolutely the opposite of the facts. The Malaysian government has done EVERYTHING to divert attention away from ANY culpability toward Pilot Shah OR the government-owned airline – Malaysian officials knew this would not only make them LEGALLY liable for the disaster but POLITICALLY liable for the disaster as well.

This very salient point seems to fly right over the head of supposed aviation “expert” Irving.

It is and has been far more acceptable to the repressive Malaysian government to allow bogus terrorist, alien, enemy-fire or whatever theories to float about than to ever get to the truth of what really caused flight MH370 to crash and kill all aboard.


We are left wondering how it is that The Daily Beast allows such sloppy, factually inaccurate and meretricious stories to be published under their banner.

Oh, right.

Gawker went bankrupt.