There’s No Art In This Non-Deal Of Trump’s Healthcare Bill

Trumps healthcare bill.

It failed miserably.

And he’s supposedly the man who stakes his reputation on The Art of the Deal.

It’s baldly clear Donald Trump couldn’t make a political deal to save his ass.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, he and his relatives are raping the American peoples by signing billion dollar contracts between their companies and Chinese corporations with Chinese military ties.

But do any of those “hillbilly” voters – written about so elegiacally by a Harvard dude – read The Wall Street Journal to keep up on these deals?

No. They’re too busy scoring hydrocodone¬† and oxymorphone manufactured by Big Pharma then getting constipated and getting Rx’s from their docs for more Big Pharma meds so they can poop again so they can keep up their White-American hillbilly addictions.

And some hillbilly Harvard dude will write another book and get more facetime on the tube explaining all that hillbilly pain.

We call it something else: Willful stupidity.

Want to know more? Just ask…



AT&T Time-Warner Merger Promises To Screw Consumers

The news is that AT&T is ready to buy Time-Warner in an $80 Billion dollar vertical integration deal that is sure to screw over American consumers for decades to come.

Consumers in America – who already pay more for Internet service than any First World country, and receive the slowest service for their money – will be seeing higher pricers with fewer choices from this far from Free-Market deal.

We are used to hearing about corrupt Russian business oligarchs who are friends of Dictator Putin who get the best deals and screw Russian citizens.

We are used to hearing about corrupt Chinese businessmen, all former Red Army generals who get cosy business deals thanks to connections with the Communist Party and ride those connections to $Billions of profits to be secreted away safely overseas.

Now we are becoming regularly treated to US corporations who use cheap, easily borrowed money to become larger or buy related businesses so they can completely control markets and product distribution, thereby reducing consumers to slaves to price rises, sloppy products and less choice.


We in the US are wrapping up the most contentious presidential election in recent history. Yet, income inequality – the most important issue of the election – has not been mentioned since Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race.

And that is important.

The most recent economic theorists have determined that corporations use behavioral analysis to drive profits.

From this they have deduced: Ignorant, confused, distracted consumers are their ideal targets.

And that is what America is turning out. A nation of consumers with their faces stuffed into their smart phones. Unengaged. Essentially, suckers.


Ford Motor Corp. recently announced they are moving all small car manufacturing down to Mexico. Why? “That’s what our consumers want!” Yes, that was what Henry Ford’s grandson actually said.

Apparently he forgot his grandfather started mass producing automobiles – and employing US workers – so that his workers and those like them could buy good affordable cars. Now, Ford wants consumers to buy big, gas guzzling trucks because that’s where Ford makes the biggest profit margins, so THAT’S what Ford will still produce in the US.

Corporate greed that shortsightedly kills the jobs and well-being of American workers where Ford sits back making millions for executives and stockholders.

There used to be a balance in American corporate boardrooms.

No more.

It’s strip the land – and workers – bare and take all that you can and leave nothing while filling your coffers with cash.


All things are cyclical, including business practices. This rampant “Free-Market” – we’ll call it what it really is – “Rape-The-Consumer-Market” – might turn when American business schools, incubators of corporate leaders, start teaching methods that inculcate sustainable business practices.

We’ll see. It works in other countries where they place the good of the whole above No Good For Any. Go ahead: Study the world economics and see.

What you will discover is that America and its political climate where corporate money buys politicians and their votes is on a rapid downward spiral with the superwealthy taking a proverbial piss over the mass majority of Americans – and those Americans not even knowing enough to get their umbrellas out.

Yes, US Olympic Athletes Got Waivers For Banned Drugs – It’s A Double Standard

That Russian hacker leak from WADA revealed medical documents from lots of athletes.

And it seems such esteemed news outlets like The New York Times are refusing to repeat any of that leaked information.

If this was Watergate do you think the NYT’s would be so shy and timid?

Apparently, the editors at the NYT’s are coloring the whole event as a spat of naughty hackers rather than a legitimate issue of whether WADA has created a double standard where Russian athletes are crushed for violations yet American stars are shielded with supposed “doctors notes” that allow them to use amphetamines (Simon Biles) and steroids (the Williams’ sisters).


Multiple Gold medalist Biles was given a waiver and allowed to use Ritalin for years for a supposed ADHD condition. Sure, people have ADHD. But Ritalin is speed, and it is one of the widest abused drugs in professional sports. The bottom line is: Ritalin improves athletic performance. That’s why it is banned.


Both Williams’ sisters had multi-year waivers for, among other drugs, prednisone, a steroid. No, it is not an anabolic steroid. It is a corticosteroid. But it is performance-enhancing and it is still banned.


So, maybe the Russians do have a point. Sure they cheated the bejeezus on a monstrous level. But does that mean other countries like the USA get to “game” the system allowing their athletes to ingest all sorts of banned drugs under the cover of flimsy doctor’s notes?

Really, whose doctors are you going to start trusting when it looks like everyone is cheating?

US Cancer Drug Prices Highest In World – Big Pharma Loves The “Big C!”

We’ve all become aware that cancer is now the scariest illness effecting Americans as our Life Expectancies get longer and longer.

Leave it to the criminally corrupt pharmaceutical corporations to extract maximum profits where the sickest citizens are.

Now, in a recent study highlighted by US News And World Report, we find the United States pays the highest prices in the world for generic and name brand cancer drugs.

Notably, the 3 countries that had some kind of government controls over drug pricing had the best deals for cancer drugs: Australia, England and Israel.

Yes, we can already hear all the Republicans screaming that “government controls” are evil and will never happen.

And that would put all those Republicans in the camp of…the pro-death pro-cancer voting block. Otherwise known as taking monstrous financial benefits from and being in the pocket of Pfizer, Bayer, Novartis, Merck, etc.

American Congressmen. Promoting profits for Big Pharma and death for US Citizens.

Obama’s FDA Nominee Headed Faulty Drug Trial?

Today’s New York Times has a good piece about an ongoing trial against Johnson & Johnson’s Xarelto anti-clotting drug.

It seems Dr. Robert Califf, Pres. Obama’s nominee to head the FDA, who will be voted on today, headed the faulty drug trials for Xarelto years ago. Which led to J&J’s Xarelto being approved by the FDA and which is now generating over $2 billion in worldwide sales for the global pharmaceutical giant.

Isn’t that more than cozy?

At the center of the flawed drug trial was a bad blood monitor that doctors and the FDA knew was flawed back in 2005/6. But like all things regulatory these days, the monitor wasn’t recalled until 2014.


Which brings us to an important point.

Neanderthalic Murdochians, Fox News acolytes and most Republican candidates salivating for primary voters will scream how “The Government” is the Enemy.

Simply put, it is an inefficient government that is the enemy.

Efficiency. Transparency. That’s what we all want out of our elected officials and the institutions created to carry out the nation’s functions.