NYT’s Despicable Love Letter To FIFA’s Blatter

It’s been a little over a week since the website SB Nation caused a national uproar by publishing a bizarrely wrong-headed piece that took a sympathetic slant toward a serial rapist. SB Nation quickly took down the piece and its publisher is reviewing all the editors involved in allowing that despicable piece to be published.


Apparently, The New York Times editors have no qualms or standards about publishing their own despicable stories.


Today in the Sports section the lead was a huge glamorous, soft-focus picture of FIFA’s criminally corrupt Sepp Blatter and a story touting him as “a happy man,” “unbowed,” “wistful and whimsical” all the while ignoring how Blatter has corrupted FIFA to the point of making it one of the world’s largest, most profitable criminal organizations.

NYT’s cub reporters Sam Borden and Rebecca R. Ruiz slobbered so much over Sepp’s leather loafers he had to call in a Swedish lobby boy to polish off their saliva after the interview.

Our sources report Blatter had The Times cub reporters Borden and Ruiz tip the lobby boy as Sepp’s money is all locked up in his Zurich accounts by INTERPOL investigators.


The New York Times no doubt promised Blatter a flattering story for the sake of the interview. Again, despicable.

Journalism at The Times reaches new lows every day now. With the (forced) retirement of public editor Margaret Sullivan, Executive Editor Dean Baquet and Publisher Art O. Sulzberger stroll lower and lower, arm-in-arm, toward that cesspool they view as The Future of Journalism.