Twitter Silences Rose McGowan; Lets Trump Trample Over Truth

The faceless corporate behemoth Twitter suddenly shut down the account of actor Rose McGowan.

McGowan has been very Twitter-vocal recently in the whole Harvey Weinstein abuse case.

It is clear that the powerful people involved in silencing the victims of Weinstein and others are still wielding their brickbats. Weinstein – good friends with Hilary Clinton and whose company Malia Obama spent an internship at last year – is on record threatening his victims with retaliation. In one case he was quoted as screaming “I’m the meanest mutherf*cking enemy you will ever have in this world.”


Yes, Fox News and those on the Right are painting this as “the sexist liberals are getting theirs.”

But last night listening to Fox’s “The Five” pontificating and condemning “liberals” for sexual abuse – with Jesse Watters(!) as moderator – was like being in Hell and listening to the Devil tsk tsk his minions for their sinful transgressions.


As for the lawless, faceless, rudderless, profitless Twitter corp., their actions – or lack of action – defy all the world’s logic.

Russian propaganda lies meant to undermine the integrity of the United States and paid for by the Russian intelligence services?

That’s A-Ok with Twitter!

Rose McGowan uncovering the Truth behind Hollywood’s abuse?

“Shut the woman down!” says Twitter.


Meanwhile, Twitter let’s Donald Trump spew outright lies across the world.

And does nothing to shut him down.

Who has the power in this world? It should be clear to everyone by now: Those In Power.

And when those in power shut down the voices of those who speak Truth To Power, oh, woe betide us.


If Americans Kneel, Will Mike Pence Walk Out Of Vice-Presidency?

Mike Pence, our Most Petty Vice-President, claimed that he walked out of an NFL game Sunday between the Colts and 49ers because some dozen players took a knee during the national anthem.

Which leads us to ask: If the man second-in-line to lead the United States of America is so easily swayed by such petty matters, then if a few hundred Americans took a knee during the national anthem could the Man-Standing-On-Principals-Of Sand Mike Pence be so outraged that he would resign from the vice-presidency?

It’s well worth a try.


The Reality:

Pence had this planned all along. His rapidly dispensed press release explaining his “outrage” and departure was written well before Sunday’s game.

He and Trump hatched this rotten egg tomfoolery to keep this “kneeling” issue on the front pages to whip up their gap-toothed, backwoods-dwelling ignorant racist base and guarantee they’d keep foaming at the mouth.

(As if they weren’t already foaming at the mouth from the rabies that inherently drove them to vote for Donald Trump.)

What Cam Newton Doesn’t Think Is Funny: Joking About His Illegal Payments From Auburn

Cam Newton is a real cut-up.

Women asking football questions? Man, that’s a whoop!

But there’s one thing Ol’ Cam doesn’t like people joking about: The illegal payments he got from Auburn when they recruited him to play quarterback there.



Since American’s memories are as short as Donald Trump’s attention span, they should be reminded that Auburn recruited Cam to play for them by illegally funneling $180k to Newton through his father, Cecil.

Of course, intrepid NCAA investigated with the rigor of toothless 20 year-old Persian pussycat. When the money trail ended up in some real estate of Cecil Newton then the NCAA declared “All clear!” cause they couldn’t actually put their pussy paws on anything.


So, the dirty, tainted Cam Newton turns into nasty boy when fans bring up those ugly facts of his life and get a good laugh about it.

Cam Newton. Perfect example of what’s despicable about the NFL.

And if you need more, just google for Cam’s meltdown after losing big to Denver in Superbowl 50 in 2016. Whatta hero…

Google Promoted Fake Vegas Shooting News; Won’t Apologize Or Explain

Google is all about algorithms. Google thinks algorithms will help it rule the world.

Except in Google’s case, algorithms are created by punk kids and allowed to run wild across the world, spreading like a real virus infecting people around the globe.

Think the cries of “fake news” are just a deflecting shield used by Donald Trump and his ilk? No.

The latest, uh hum, “real fake news,” was allowed to spread across the netscape thanks to Google and its secretive algorithms that its punk CEO would never ever tell those who need to know – The Public.


The more we the Public rely on singular multi-trillion dollar corporations like Alphabet(owner of Google) and Facebook, the more we will act like the Herd they want us to be – Eating what they feed us, going where they tell us, doing what they tell us, feeling how they want us to feel and…Thinking how they want us to Think.

The Most Important (And Ignored) Story Of The College Basketball Scandal

Like most big news stories that break, there is the initial blast. Then come the following angles that media outlets choose to highlight according to their interests.

If the story, as they say, “has legs,” then they’ll keep it going with more follow-ups and horn blowing and attacking the easy targets. Usually, media owners and managers will direct how the story is covered, telling reporters where to go, who to talk to. Often, it will lead away from what really matters about the story and simply take the audience into a dog and pony show to drum up viewers’ emotions and keep them glued breathlessly to their media so they are perpetually staring into their smartphones.

This is the model whether it is CNN or Fox or The New York Times. The model is the same; it’s just skewed toward their different audiences.


Here’s the story you missed about the FBI crackdown on college basketball. It could only be found in some smaller, local news outlets. And it’s important because it undercuts the fundamental structure of how the college sports machine is governed.

The University of Alabama fired a basketball administrator by the name of Kobie Baker.

Why is this important?

Because just 2 years ago Kobie Baker had a very good job with NCAA Headquarters as part of their rules enforcement department. He was put in charge of monitoring college programs to make sure they stuck by the rules set down by the NCAA.

He quit the NCAA for a position in Alabama’s basketball program. Many eyebrows were raised when this happened but not many called it out.

It was a Golden Parachute move. Not unlike when a US Congressman retires to become a money-grubbing lobbyist working for the people he previously had power over.

Well, for former NCAA dude Kobie Baker it didn’t last long.

Money grubbing sucker.

Seems – according to FBI transcripts – that Kobie Baker took $5 grand to steer one of the Alabama basketball players to some sleezy “financial advisor” who would, theoretically, make the kid rich when he hit the NBA.

Hmmm…seems Mssr. Baker, based on his prior employment history, would know this is certainly breaking the rules.

So much for trying to plead ignorance if and when he ever hits the court. (No, not the basketball court. The judicial kind of court.)

And $5000? That’s tip money for Nick Saban’s barber.

It’s a petty, creepy, criminal world out there. Especially when the people who are supposed to be enforcing the rules are the ones breaking them.

Is that what America has become?


When the NCAA that is supposed to be in charge of keeping the entire multi-billion dollar university sports industry clean is full of employees who cheat and are incompetent and even lie under oath (see NCAA Head Emmert’s testimony in Ed O’Bannon case) then it’s no wonder we need the FBI to come in to clean this mess up.

Thank goodness the Feds are doing something right.

Got a different opinion? We’ll be glad to answer and shoot it down like a leaky balloon.

Rush Limbaugh Appears With Sean On Fox’s “Hannity” For Friendly, Mutually Assured Satisfaction

Friday Night on “Hannity” host Sean Hannity invited uber-opioid lover Rush Limbaugh on set for an intense, hardcore Right Wing man love session where, if viewers caught a particular glimpse, it was possible to see that there was more going on than just some exchanges of Big Brain Earbleeding Ideas.

Limbaugh, as everyone with a memory longer than Hillary Clinton’s nose knows, is infamous for his long, secret lifestyle gobbling mass quantities of illegally obtained opioids that helped form his multifaceted, convulsing views that turn dense Americans into rabid racist hate-baiters.

When caught, Limbaugh screamed “The Devil made me do it!” Irregardless of his claim, the police publicly cleared Hillary Clinton of any responsibility. (Although James Comey reserved the right to revisit the issue at a later date.)

Friday’s exchange between Limbaugh and Hannity was so intense, such a lovingly mutual massaging that by the time the segment was over and the camera went into a soft-focus dissolve it was possible to see both men reclining, in a sweat, and lighting each other’s cigarettes as a cloud of smoke wafted over the steaming set.

It’s always been true that those Republicans know how to have more fun than those hissy-fit liberals…

US Open: Sharapova Cheats; Sevastova Beats

In what must be a sweet result for those who care about the game of tennis, Anastasija Sevastova beat Maria Sharapova Sunday in a showdown between a proven cheater and a truly original comeback player from Latvia.

It took 3 sets: 5-7, 6-4, 6-2. And Sharapova pulled out all her disreputable tricks in order to get past Sevastova. But this time, it didn’t work.

When the momentum was definitely turning against Sharapova – losing the second set – she pulled out her old “bathroom break” trick – the same trick she pulled against Halep in the first round when Halep had taken the second set.

Funny. How many top players pull that “bathroom break” shtick at such pivotal moments? And how many pull them when they just WON a set? Never.

Then, throughout the match as Sevastova attempted to serve Sharapova pulled the “wait, I’m turning my back to you while I gather myself” move. How many other players pull this stink move? Only the diva’s, like Sharapova. How many refs call them on this stink delay-of-game move as they are supposed to? None.

Then, in the decisive third set, Sharapova called a trainer to tape her finger causing another long delay.

The fact that all players on the tour know Sharapova pulls these tricks all the time and despise her for it goes unmentioned by announcers who forever fawn over the Maria Machine.

The Maria Meldonium Machine. Taking the same performance enhancement prescription drug that was favored by the cheating Russian Athletic Olympic Machine. For 10 years she took it Meldonium even though its manufacturer says it is not supposed to be taken longer than 6 months. An Rx that is not available anywhere in the world except Latvia. Why? Because no other reputable drug company wants to produce it. Which means Maria, for over 10 years, had a quack write prescriptions for this drug against its manufacturer’s own directives. And then had these drugs shipped across the ocean into the US where she’s lived for most of her adult life.


Isn’t it sweet that the feisty Sevastova, a Latvian, whooped Maria?

Sometimes, justice is served. By a feisty Latvian with a real attitude.

Congrats, Anastasija Sevastova!