Anti-Clinton FBI Faction Tries To Screw Election With Flimsy Email Announcement

It is well-known that when the FBI decided to close its case on the Hillary Clinton email server case that there were many within the splintered agency who were left stewing in their juices.

Now those stewed prunes found their revenge. And they did it with headlines using a ridiculously flimsy excuse: A laptop belonging to a former Clinton aide that contains 1000’s of emails. The catch? All those emails have probably already been covered by the FBI’s previous investigation. The FBI made NO effort to check before throwing out their bombshell announcement as if they’ve stumbled onto some secret cache.

We have become used to the FBI’s incompetence, whether it’s their own officers’ criminal corruption or the very real recent revelations that the FBI negotiated with a Congressman over classifying documents “Top Secret” by agreeing to trade this action by assigning more FBI agents to overseas positions.

And now we have FBI Director Comey doing what Russian Dictator Vladamir Putin has been trying to do for months: Sabotage our American election and throw it over to a wannabee Little Dictator Donald Trump.

So much for Separation of Powers.


Melania Trump – Like Husband – Has Trouble With Truth, Takes Down Her Website

After Melania Trump’s much-ballyhooed and botched RNC speech in which she was not only caught lying to NBC beforehand about writing it herself, then stealing Michelle Obama’s words and personal values and using them as her own, she has now been forced to take down her personal website which has long purported that she earned a university degree.

Long ago reporters had contacted the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia and confirmed that Melania Trump had dropped out after one year of lackluster performance to hit the fashion runways of Milan before becoming the THIRD wife of Donald Trump.

(Yes, Trump is the prototypical “Trade-in your old wife for the newer model” billionaire.)

Melania has since touted herself as a role model for immigrants.

As if every Third World economic refugee can marry a delusional despot billionaire wanna-be US President…


No one really cares if Melania Trump ever earned a BA. But isn’t it just like a Trump to bolster your resume by throwing another lie on the pile, then try to cover it up by taking down the website under a dubious explanation after you’ve been caught?


Melania Trump Quotes “The Enemy” – Obama

Can anything be worse than using your enemies words as your own?

That’s what happened with the Trumps Monday night during the US Republican Convention when Melania Trump had a speech to give but used – word for word – quotes that Michelle Obama had used in her speech to Democrats in 2008.

What made it worse was Mrs. Trump was using the stolen words as statements of personal values she and her reprehensible husband Donald Trump supposedly hold dear.

Donald Trump has been lying throughout this campaign so it should be no surprise that the speechwriters he hired for his wife’s most important appearance before the American public should steal the words and thoughts and statements from the Obamas.

Plagiarism is the theft of written material.

It is no surprise that Trump’s campaign has denied and denied that there is even any plagiarism. Major news outlets have the Melania/Michelle speeches side-by-side making it clear Mrs. Trump’s words are theft.

How can reasonable voters believe that once in the presidential office that Donald Trump can be trusted with the most menial of tasks?

Well, that’s why it’s only the unreasonable, delusional voters who are totally behind the juvenile-like wombat Donald Trump.

More Brian Williams Idiocy: “Police Shootings Disrupt American’s Holiday-making!”

Nothing is more dangerous on MSNBC than turning Brian Williams loose during ANY major news event.

On Sunday during the MSNBC coverage of 3 Baton Rouge policemen being shot dead Brian Williams went on another one of his all-time brain-dead ramblings during which he claimed, loosely, that this summer’s tragic events in Dallas, Nice and now Baton Rouge have disrupted what are American’s God-given right to celebrate their holiday’s uninterrupted by events such as these tragedies.

Yes, Brian Williams said the massacre in Orlando, the massacre in Nice, France, the murders of police officers across the United States…are destroying the summer holidays of ALL AMERICANS.

That is the biggest take of Brian Williams of MSNBC news.

MSNBC and their ownership, NBCUniversal have chosen to spit in the face of journalism and America.

Allowing Brian Williams to return to MSNBC after their own network investigation proved Williams lied over and over on network TV over factual events he reported show that MSNBC and NBCUniversal don’t care about journalism or America.

Turkey Coup Attempt Fails: So Does Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Your government asks for help in combatting terrorism. You and your government representatives give it to them. And so do Big For-Profit Corporations like Facebook and Twitter.

Today’s attempted military coup in Turkey showed how government control of the media can be as dangerous as control of tanks and fighter jets.

When Turkey’s military leaders attempted to wrest control from the democratically elected rulers of Turkey they shut down such important media communication corporations as Facebook and Twitter.

When Facebook and Twitter signed contracts to do business with China they allowed the Chinese government backdoor access to private accounts and control over their operations. In Twitter’s case they allowed corporate military into the boardroom of Twitter, China.

What will happen the next time when The People NEED DIRECT FREE COMMUNICATION during times of crisis?

Don’t expect it from your friends at Facebook and Twitter.

Sacramento Violence: Neo-Nazis vs Neo-Anarchists – Both Stupid Juvenalia

Sunday in Sacramento a small group of Neo-Nazi’s attempted to legally stand around California’s Capitol Building and spout stupid slogans.

They were over-run by a much larger group of black-hooded Neo-Anarchists who started swinging clubs, beat up on some KCRA camera crew members while screaming “no pictures” and apparently ended up on the worse end of it with lots of stab wounds inflicted by the ugly Neo-Nazi’s. No one said Nazi’s were nice.

In one picture featured on numerous web sites one protester – a “good?” one – with Guy Fawkes mask askew, knealt beside a stabbed and bleeding man.

Yes, all those teens so fascinated by 2006’s dystopian “V For Vendetta” ran out and bought Fawkes masks, stopped voting and started believing in every conspiracy theory and that they could solve all their perceived problems through violence.

Sounds like parenting issues to us.

Just like all those little boys who believe in Adolf Hitler and his whack ways.


It happened down in San Diego at the Trump gathering when rioting hooligans took that event as an excuse to exercise mob rule.

Who’s the better? Who’s the worse? Donald Trump’s ideals or juvenile delinquent mob rule?

They’re equals.


Ask the Southern Poverty Law Center. They’ve been tracking dangerous, racist organizations for decades. They use information and the law to battle against ignorant racists and their networks.


The leader of the Neo-Anarchist group said they scored a victory in Sacramento on Sunday.

We didn’t see a victory. We saw thugs. Thugs with clubs who had the gall to attack TV cameras because they were scared others would see their reprehensible behavior.

And if they think violence solves problems – well, so did the Nazi’s.

Wimbledon Champ Bartoli Is Sick Anorexic, But HuffPost Thinks It’s Beautiful Self-Expression

We’ve always loved tennis great Marion Bartoli. We loved her intelligence. We loved her intense focus on the court. And we loved it even more when she won the Wimbledon title in 2013.

When she suddenly retired after that win everyone was surprised.

Now we’re shocked and surprised to see the recent pictures of her that show a clearly sick, anorexic and unhealthy Bartoli who very much needs some help.


What could be worse?

Many in the British press – including supposed feminists – are calling any concern over Bartoli’s condition “sexist” and throwing down the full weight of their damning gauntlets of condemnation toward any who see danger in Bartoli’s anorexic state.

The Huffington Post’s UK supposed “lifestyle” opinion-maker has the gall to give Bartoli a “You Go Girl!” thumbs up.

In fact, that HuffPost writer somehow brings her twisted intellect around to calling it “body-shaming” when fans show concern over Bartoli’s physical condition. She says:

“Let’s get one thing straight, if you write a tweet about someone’s physique, no matter what their shape or size, it’s not a sign of you showing your concern about their health or wellbeing.

It’s body-shaming, it’s dangerous and it needs to stop.”

– Rachel Moss (UK’s HuffPost)

Under such logic streams, this shrink-brained HuffPost writer Moss would see a junkie in the gutter  injecting smack in their veins, smile wistfully, and congratulate said addict on their alternate “lifestyle choice.”


Americans should know that British women have taken the strangely impolitic issue of  “body-shaming” and elevated it to the same level as murder and genocide.

It should be pointed out that the newly elected mayor of London just banned posters of women in bikinis in public transport areas of the city because images of women in bikinis were deemed body-shaming by their very nature.

(Many men thought posters of David Beckham should be banned because they felt body-shamed in the face of Beckham’s physique. Yes, they had a valid point.)

Yes. This body-shaming thing is a contrived issue created out of the newly-minted perceived slights of those who can see no farther than their own navels, those who forever are looking for the slings and arrows tossed their way that hurt their feelings and keep them from developing into whole human beings.

That is, spoiled coddled brats.


Marion Bartoli, we hope you regain your center and your health. During your career there were those who doubted your talents – and those cruel ones who critisized your looks. But there were millions more who always loved and supported you, and still do.